La Diva Dossier

The Diva is:

…a Wednesday child, ergo “is full of woe.” He welcomes misery and melancholy, like stimuli, they make him feel creative; however, he is no “goth chick.” He doesn’t dress according to emotions, that is trite and infantile. Wednesday Addams is his favorite but he looks like Pugsley.

…Piscean. He was born on the Day of the Non-conformist in the Week of the Loner at the Year of 13 new moons. People born in this year are susceptible:

“Those people whose lives are essentially dominated by their emotions suffer particularly strongly from depressions in these lunar years. The same is also true of years with 13 new moons, albeit not quite so strongly. And if a lunar year also happens to be a year with 13 new moons, the result is often a personal catastrophe.” — Rainer Werner Fassbinder, In a Year of 13 Moons (This is a film, by the way, not an astrology book and it’s a really f*cked up movie. Saw it, felt like ripping my heart out.)

…is not really depressive. As the Diva is doing this page, he asked his sister who knows him the best “Am I depressive?” The sister answered, “I think this is the healthiest spirit you’ve exhibited in ages.” I balance my hankering for misery with daily doses of humor and bitchery.

…born under the sign of the year of the Earth Horse. That means, the Diva is free-spirited, independent, riddled with ambition, stubbornness, responsibility and long-term planning. Sometimes the life of the party, the diva is restless and boredom is his enemy.

Self-portrait shot in a Las Vegas Hotel

…relaxed from stress when cool water pours all over his head and nape. In extreme cases, he dunks his head in a pail and scream underwater. He has no intention to do that into a toilet.

…a cartoonist and a writer.

…a former cubicle dweller, until he wanted to tear other people into pieces and use these for kindling.

…married into a partnership that is not recognized by the law.

self-portrait vector

…into reading and watching great films.

…an enthusiastic student and an untried teacher.

…a stubborn cartoonist, the worst kind, because he believes in the art form and the medium.



  1. […] La Diva Dossier […]

  2. you are a fucked up asshole

  3. To “someone I Know”…thanks! hahahaha. I told my family and friends that but they don’t believe me. at least you do. Now, if only you could identify yourself and not cower in passive aggressive tactic which makes you an asshole….at least not fucked up…but still an asshole.

  4. Usually, only people with who are insecure and envious say such things blatantly. And of all places… the internet. Don’t people have any manners or etiquette these days???

  5. hello! ikaw pala yun nagsulat tungkol kay jay…

    di ako katulad ni jay, pero nakakabading ang eheads! hehe…

    ganda ng essay, sana gawa pa kayu ng libro tungkol sa kanila, bibliography o mga urban legends tungkol sa kanila, mga kwento mismo nila…

    hayyy.. eheads!

  6. sir chong = the best up manila professor i’ve ever known. 🙂
    -> and that’s not just for my 1.25! 🙂 haha.
    we cn students miss you.
    happy holidays!

  7. I feel so random today. Hi sir. UPD feels like hell, especially with calculus. I hope you’re not suffering from extreme brain workout with mathematics over there at UPM. I almost wish that I didn’t transfer – well, almost.

    Anywho, your writing style reminds me of your lectures. Very amusing XD

    …oh, and if you didn’t know, this is Nadz, former Phil Arts student. Have yourself a SUPER day! 😛

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