Posted by: nastypen | February 25, 2009

Work It!

While all my friends are watching American Idol, I am all over another show. While there is an absence of Filipino presence in the latest season of American Idol, there is one Pinay that is making great strides in a show that I want to join….if only I am glamorous….

It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race! I have been watching this hot ass mess since day one. It is the search for America’s next top drag queen break out superstar!

You cannot go wrong with RuPaul telling the contestants that they have to be “more enterprising than Donald Trump…bigger than Oprah…and hotter than Tyra in a fat suit in July!”

From the moment I watched it, I was clapping in glee as the contestants sauntered in….with the names like Rebecca Glasscock…Akasha (who looks like Fantasia)….I love this show. And the challenges are all a mixture of America’s Next Top Model, American Idol (drag version), Project Runway….I am hooked.

And there is one drag queen that I like…the name alone is filled with love ONGINA (Ong is her middle name and “Gina (pronounced as Jai-nah) is somthing God did not give me.) and I knew it…this hot bitch is Pinay, the non-drag name is Ryan Ong Palao:


Work it!!!! This tiny queen is doing quite well with the challenges. I will not have any spoilers here, but here are some samples on her fierceness:



OOOOHHHHHHH…..libag ka lang niya, Bebe Gandanghari…… Ongina said in an interview that she is “the long lost daughter of Imelda Marcos.” In the same interview, Ongina said she initially wanted her drag name is “Pekpek Galore.” Yun na! Ongina defends her Filipino heritage in the same interview with this guy asking quite an offensive question. Ongina defiantly calls on people who look deploringly at the dog-eating culture of Pinoys “If they come for me, bring it…I have blade under my wig.” Yun na!

Click on this to see more fab photos of this grand creature!!!!

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.


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