Posted by: nastypen | February 9, 2009

It’s That Time of the Year

They say it’s the season of hearts. Flowers are now being hoarded. Motels are bracing for full capacity. Lubricant and condom sales have spiked. People are giddier than usual looking stupider than usual giggling at those horrid text messages about what they perceived about love. It’s the time of the year when concerts of singers aping songs for the nth time are fully booked. Couples will wear menstrual red perhaps to remind them of the rhythm method. And cinemas will be packed with couples who find insipid movies of insolent men and vacuous girls with a vapid script as romantic.

Screw Valentine’s and its commodification of love. It’s Arts and Culture month!

Like I tell my students “I don’t do kilig.” And Addie knows that I shake from hunger, stress, geek excitement and not from feeling all mushy inside.

Valentine’s often means me wearing black to mourn the death of sensibility and good taste. But thank goodness this season is made bearable for me by its marginal celebration of the arts.

So even though there are silhouettes of couples canoodling at CCP open grounds, they can be tolerated by me because there is a free screening of animated shorts projected onto the facade of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Recently, Addie and I “celebrated” our anniversary. Before you start gushing, let me just say that both of us forgot our anniversary. We were too busy with work. So, when Addie flew to Manila for a conference, I decided to drop everything, rackets, meetings and all that to have a slow day at Intramuros.

So, this is how we celebrated: we went to the Manila Cathedral, and UNESCO World Heritage Site San Agustin Church and I had a lecture on Filipino Art History. We went to the nearby Casa Manila and I explained the ornamentation in relation to class system in the Philippines. Photography is not allowed inside. But, I still took some stolen shots as Addie looked horrified because I might be apprehended by the guards dressed up as Katipuneros (edit: they’re in Guardia Civil uniforms!  Sorry!). I thought that was pretty romantic, that fear of apprehension for your partner.

I showed Addie where Miguel Lopez de Legaspi is buried. I showed him the salmon pink tombstone of wife batterer Juan Luna at the creepy catacombs of San Agustin.

Although Addie enjoyed the idea that he and I wear identical shirts like Korean couples do as tourists, I just raised my eyebrow and that was that.

So, Addie flew back home and to fill the vast emptiness, I buckled down to work. I kept myself busy with setting up the exhibit of my students’ rubbercut prints for the College’s celebration of the Arts. The Dean dropped by and I showed him the works. He is impressed, and I am not surprised. But I like the whsipers of the other students appreciating what they see.

It was a small affair but it will do. Now, I am excited for my students’ poetry reading session. I heard some of them today’s rehearsals and I am pleased. Even those difficult Filipino poems are given justice. I trust my students. They will not disappoint and sully our tiny celebration for the arts.

But my favorite part of the College’s celebration of the arts?


The ribbon used for the opening ceremony suits my outfit. Artistic!

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. hahahaha! bagay nga yung ribbon sir! hahaha!

  2. i had my mom as my look out when taking fotos in casa manila. hehehe

    hei, upload mo naman pics ng mga rubbercut prints na yan 🙂

  3. Bah , lovebug!
    -Ebenezer Screwed

  4. uy asenso na AS ah! maganda na ribbon, dati yung plastic lang at simpleng tie-knot lang hehehhe

  5. @ jo: Divah?! Type kong suotin talaga sa labas. kaso takot akong bugbugin sa LRT.

    @ Apo: will try to take photos of the prints

    @ albert: Talaga! Di ko type ang season of mush

    @ aoisoba: bongga kasi mas visible ang mga bakla sa department kaya karapat dapat lang. dream ko magkaroon ng disco ball entrance someday.

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