Posted by: nastypen | January 29, 2009

Horror Story for the Day

I was at the bank to deposit my mother’s cheque. It was her Christmas bonus from the government. The teller thought it was mine. Well it was a gift cheque anyway. She raised her eyebrow and asked “Huh? The government gives another round of bonus this January?” I just sighed “No, that was from December and I hid that now I am depositing it.” And the teller smiled “Teeheee. Why did you hide it? Are you hiding it from the wife?”

I wanted to jump from the other side and smack that nosy bitch down. She thought I was straight?! With a wife!?!?!?! I almost had a stroke! What an insult!!!!!

So I was pretty stymied from that misconception as I went to a Makati building for another round of racketeering.

I was inside an elevator and saw my reflection. I lunged towards the mirror and squealed. I see several white hairs sprouting! Ok, aging isn’t horrific for me. What was horrifying was that I did this with these Makati yuppies and some models inside the elevator and I HAPPILY squealed “I have some uban na! My Gaaash!” I announced this with such a big smile. The models with their portfolios heavier than them gave me a look they would give if they were trying to look fierce AND hungry. Some yuppies just smirked. I skipped out of the elevator.


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