Posted by: nastypen | January 28, 2009

Hedonism in Comatose

Friends of mine have had some certain changes in their careers. One has had her work schedule reduced to this: she works for two weeks, then the company asks their employees to take a leave for two weeks. After which she and her officemates return to work for two weeks. This situation has had their salary cut in half.

Another one has had his company tell him and his officemates that their work week will be reduced from five to four days.

OFW friends of mine have been wringing their hands if they are next to go in their jobs.

It does not help that headlines scream “200,000 to lose their jobs.” The lords of capitalism and multinational companies have urged the would-be retrenched workers to seek out skills that may be utilized in some other fields, perhaps like welding.

I walk around Makati and the number of faces with this patina of fear have increased. I was waiting at the pedestrian lane and these two ladies are bickering. One said, “I don’t have a job for two months.” she was carrying a small pile of her resumes. After we crossed, the two went directly to Starbucks. Nothing says practicality like a Venti Frap.

Livs told me that even the super rich are feeling the pinch.  They are into this “secret shopping” sprees.  In which they opt to be less ostentatious and purchase luxury items worth a year’s salary of a middle manager in Manila and have it packaged inside boring paper bags, because it is not chic to flaunt your wealth this day and age.  Aaaw.  Pity the rich.

So the economy is in tenterhooks. To celebrate one of the major causes of this tailspin, blind consumerism fueled by credit cards, let us listen and watch this fabulous song:


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