Posted by: nastypen | January 26, 2009

My Most Favorite Movie of 2008

…and I jhust saw it a few minutes ago….It is Happy-Go-Lucky.  It’s ignored by the Oscars.  But hey, Rocky won over Taxi Driver.  So the Oscars do have the occasional misstep.

I love Happy-Go-Lucky, because the character feels like the ultimate Piscean and I want to be like her.  I do share some of her insights.  It’s like Amelie without the visual gimmickry.

And this film was written by an idol of mine Mike Leigh.  However he directed a film entitled Secrets and Lies and it was deliciously miserable.  This guy has just showed me you can be entrenced in both the sublimely funny and the harrowingly sad.

Too bad this is a comedy and because of that Sally Hawkins missed out the nomination for Best Actress.  to think comedy is really good for you.

Whatever, I love this movie so much, I made it my wallpaper.  And that is RARE for me to use other people’s images as my wallpaper:


I don’t think this will be shown in Manila though.  But the Hottie and the Nottie was.  Pity.


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