Posted by: nastypen | January 11, 2009

TV is Dead to Me…Well, Almost

I do not watch much TV these days. If I wanted entertainment, I’d go online. I don’t watch TV series on television because censors get to it or there are just no shows that I like. So, I get my TV shows via piracy. Recently, the Optical Media Boards has announced they want to put down internet downloading as a crime. How on earth will they do that?

Do they have the technical savvy to detect computers hooked online indulging in the torrents? If that is the case, the Optical Media Board should shut down youtube and other related websites for they stream popular American TV shows, even movies.

I am sure this is just petty posturing for those seeking relevance in the news media. Just do the papaya dance, Edu, you’re good at it.

But this is not about the feeble attempts of the government to counter piracy. It’s about TV shows.

So, I heard that the second season of Damages have started in America. I love that show. i was just thinking how a lot of my friends and students love certain American TV shows to which I have yet to see.

I never saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Gossip Girl is out of my vocabulary. I’d rather clean the toilet than watch Sex and The City. How I Met Your Mother bores me. Heroes, I have expunged from my system. I only liked Dexter‘s Season 1 and that was stretching it because I want to bitchslap Dexter’s annoying sister. I’d rather watch reality TV like Project Runway and ANTM because they are fun, campy and engaging. Not particularly cerebral, though.

Mad Men, I love. Advertising and late 50s early 60s duck’s ass hairdo mean love to me. but I do not watch this one religiously.

The only reason why I watched True Blood is that is a guilty pleasure. It is not brilliant. It is uneven, but the last episodes of the first season were exemplary. Nothing beats the combination of vampires and red necks. So, now, I am reading the book series because books are always better. Period.

Lsately, I just sift through the debris of TV shows. I miss two things: The Sopranos and Oz. HBO really changed TV, but since our HBO here is based in Singapore, it was atrocious that they had to censor some scenes from a Will Farrel film.

So, thanks to alternative means, I managed to watch these two great shows for quite some time. The Sopranos I love because of I have been btten by the Mafia bug thanks to my daddy years ago. And The Sopranos always delivered my quota of swearing, violence, contempt for humanity, and crass materialism and macho-coded control. Plus Michael Imperioli is a hot bitch.

Oz is the first TV series produced and shown by HBO. Prison Break has nothing compared to this series. How can you not love a series with Rita Moreno as a psychologist nun and lots of male frontal nudity? And of course, any TV show with this scene is always a winner to me.

A Gaysian actor singing Tori Amos in religious clothing, proof of good taste in television.

Another proof? British Television shows. Little Britain? Winner. Coupling? Intelligent but too hetero for me, because heteros tend to bore me without even trying. But what I really miss is the hilariously naughty Absolute Power with Stephen Fry. Now that show is all about blink-and-you-will-miss-it wit dealing with public relations.

Ah well, since what I like on TV is nowhere to be found, might as well read books.



  1. the first three books of the Sookie Stackhouse series were terrible, but things (and Harris’s writing skillz) start to become interesting in the fourth to the eighth book. the seventh book was particularly engaging.

    can’t wait for the ninth book in May and of course, summer of 2009! the book has Eric and Bill on the cover, with Sookie in the middle. the implications excite me!

  2. Lizette!!!! True….the first book has promise, but I am not particularly blown away. I have heard though from friends that things do get better. So, yes, I cannot wait also to finish the first book. Sige, will take your word for it. Then I am off to devour books two and three ahahahaha just to get over them. One look at the author’s photo and I am in love! hahahahah

  3. I haven’t watched much TV since 2001 only when I’m at my parents’ place. I had to take my cable off my budget. I could get any work done at those time, or maybe I’m just too work-a-holic. (The need to get rid of temptation but then again, I’m playing Online games. *Talk about temptation*)

    I’ve seen the papaya dance only on youtube. Thank God for internet. haha

  4. i loved watching “true blood” hehehe! but i also loved reading the sookie stackhouse books….even though most people would still keep telling me that stephanie meyer’s were better,,,hehe

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