Posted by: nastypen | January 11, 2009

My Eyes! My Eyes!

I just had a movie marathon. It completely slipped by me that the Golden Globes are near and the Oscar nominees will be announced soon as well. So, I watched some films in my contrived free time. Because starting this Monday, my “free time” is as real as my anorexia.

I watched Milk.

Oh well, gay roles can be an Oscar bait. Sean Penn is good. Love Emile Hirsch‘s hairdo and swish. James Franco makes good with the token concerned housewife role. I should be happy about this film considering it’s all about the first openly gay man in American public office but something is amiss. This is more a focus on Penn’s acting prowess than Gus Van Sant’s filmmaking.

I watched Frost/Nixon.

My absolute favorite of all Ron Howard‘s films. They say it’s an “intellectual Rocky.” Hence, not a lot of people might want to watch this. I love you, Michael Sheen as David Frost. His smile is intoxicating. No wonder he is cast to be the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland this 2010. Frank Langella‘s accurate portrayal of a bedeviled and beleaguered Richard Nixon is as disconcerting as his scene running naked in 1997’s Lolita. Langella is brilliant here. It’s a film built by words and focused acting chops of the cast.

Just watched these films slated for awards but I think it will just be glanced over:

I watched Towelhead.

Didn’t like it. Too bad it was helmed by Alan Ball, but the film was just a pulp of stereotypes and preachiness: the precocious teenager/outsider, the angry Middle Eastern father, the angrier WASP mother, the nosy hippie neighbor, the hot racist neighbor during the time of the first Gulf War. I never did like coming-of-age stories….much more for coming-of-age stories dipped in sex with a graphic depiction of used tampons.

I watched Blindness.

One reason to watch this ultra-miserable film: Juliane Moore. Despite being critically-panned for its overreaching machinations, I still think this film adaptation of Jose Saramago‘s novel was beautifully shot. It was just too miserable, though. I mean can you imagine your loved ones waking up blind one day? And most of the world go blind except for you? This is just like the science fiction novel by John Wyndham The Day of the Triffids; the difference is, in Blindness, the monsters are fellow humans while in the science fiction novel, alien plants terrorized the blind. Juliane Moore is so dependable an actress, please someone hand her an Oscar already….but not for this film.

Will watch later:

Slumdog Millionaire. Plus Sides: Danny Boyle is the director, a vivd portrait of the city of Mumbai, no big name Bollywood stars, only credible actors. Negative side: no sweeping colorful Bollywood musical numbers.

Vicky Christina Barcelona. Plus sides: Woody Allen wrote this. I do love the soundtrack. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem!!!! Negative side: Scarlett Johanson is here.

Now downloading:

Frozen River. Sparse filmmaking about two single mothers smuggling goods over a frozen river between Canada and America.

Defiance. I am sold with the idea of Daniel Craig with a gun, so I watch his 007 films. but this one is better: Liev Schrieber is his brother here. Both are Jewish freedom fighters. I love Liev and his cuddly chipmunk cheeks.

Will watch later at the cinema if I am not too lazy: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Simply for Cate Blanchett.


Waltz with Bashir. A disaffected Israeli soldier comes to grip with his actions and loss of memory over a military incursion with Lebanon. Heavy stuff….plus it is animated.

How funny. As I watched, am watching, will watch these films, I am reading four books (Dead Until Dark: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel….mejo inaantok ako sa kanya…..From the Holy Mountain: makes me want to go to Turkey, Syria and Iran….Waiting for Mariang Makiling: Resil Mojares is my idol…..The Fairy Tales of Herman Hesse: took me more than ten years to finally secure a copy of this)

I think I should just close my eyes and listen to The Weepies:



  1. ooh i didn’t know people still remember The Day of the Triffids.

    i found my copy in Booksale. it was battered and cost me only ten pesos. i thought it was one of those trashy schi-fi novels but hey, it’s ten pesos.

    i finished reading it and my mind was blown away. i only found out its significance when i read this crumbling book in the CAS library called The Road To Science Fiction which traced the development of science fiction from the legend of Gilgamesh.

    wala lang. 😀

  2. I absolutely love slumdog millionaire. (other than underdog status ako ngayon, it it gives you hope, and the fact that i love watching bollywood movies **yung rated naman*). It’s funny, endearing, the concept is so original, and you don’t have to be south asian to understand what it’s all about. Oh yeah, they do have a dance sequence . Meron bang bollywood movie na wala? hehehehe

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