Posted by: nastypen | January 3, 2009

Has it Been 10 Years?

1999.  The best and worst year of my life.  The good and the bad did not cancel each other out though.  The memories are still fresh.  Unexpected: graduating with honors and months later, my father succumbs to leukemia.  Landed my first job that made me stay for half of my 20s.  Wow.  It’s 2009.  the decade with no marketable name is about to end.  

Ironic that I am known for the hefty memory, I see this decade, this stage of my 20s as a blur.  I do see snippets of clarity but I do not want to dwell on it.  I don’t know about my contemporaries, but I see my 20s as a necessary evil of dipping into forced adulthood.  My early 20s was textbook fun….went to the clubs….acted like a moron because of the virtue of my age…..but then again at the age of 21 I was forced into a management position that has set a distaste for office heirarchy and corporate setting that I would gladly not shake off.

Memories are racing inside my head.  1999, I still remember the email exchange I had with my good friend Livs.  He and I were listing “The Best of the ’90s.”  We listed the top ten songs, albums, and music videos of the decade.  We didn’t even have to be friends with an overrated band or mingle with “cool” people to form a poseur musical taste.  We just had (still have) good taste.  Hahahaha.  Although I admit I forced fabulous into the equation (I included Annie Lennox‘s Diva album as one of the ’90s’ best!)  Livs, I think I still have those emails!  Hahahaha. *shudder*

Will I have a list for the best of the Naughts?  (That’s the name some cultural pundits want to label the decade from 2000-2009 that I read ten years ago and I thought that name was interesting but cannot be grasped by many….naughts because of the presence of the zeroes) No, I don’t think I will make a list.  Because, if anything, this decade is when the reality principle has expunged the pleasure principle from my life.  This decade has shifted me further away from the general consensus of what is deemed as cool.

I will leave to listing the best of the decade to my students because this is the decade they became more self-aware.

But if you want an old-timer’s opinion, I would suggest that the list of best albums of the decade should contain Radiohead‘s Kid A, The StrokesIs This It, The White StripesThe White Stripes, Bob Dylan‘s Modern Times (This one is my pick for the best of the decade) and Loretta Lynn‘s Van Lear RoseERYKAH BADU‘s Momma’s gun is the best!!!!!  Bjork, I hope, should be up there also with Vespertine or Medulla.  I equate “the best” with “quality,” relevance for years to come, level of artistry (Bjork’s Medulla had no musical instruments, only vocal chords!) and not marketability nor return of investments.  See?  I stopped myself from including Kylie….although she should be granted sainthood for “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”   Hahaha.  I just cannot stop myself!

But this is just not my decade.  I think Avril Lavigne is the worst creature to be spewn from a corporate-backed youth-based rebellion.  She is punk?  And I’m a fucking lothario.  And this was the decade that rap, hip-hop, and RnB dominated.  And only my little sister loves that.  Millions adore Lil Wayne, Eminem, 50 Cent….I only like The Roots.  and Kanye West sans the delusions of grandeur.

Anyway, what I absolutely love about this decade is that the science fiction of my youth was made real.  I cannot imagine a life without internet connection.  Sure, I’ve been sending email since the 90s, but it was this decade that even my mother is comfortable enough to have an email account.  And how about texting?  This decade was the time when information technology has entered into a breakneck speed in relatively afforadable terms.  And what’s great?  I know technology will be better than this.  Who knows ten years from now, I’d be blogging in hologram.


It’s been ten years.  Here I am on the couch with a much bigger stomach and more lines on the face, and am thinking “Where did the time go?”  Be that as it may, I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be major.  It’s time for a bigger, better cycle.



  1. Sir Chong!

    Erykah Badu is very nice, I listen to her too.:)

    I’d like to share a line from an episode of Ellen I watched where she humored people about when holograms become a widely-used technology. She thought of a knew line to say when she can’t attend a party instead of “I’ll be with you in spirit”.. “I’ll be with you in hologram!” And it was funny because she showed photos of places she supposedly went to in hologram. Laughtrip!

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