Posted by: nastypen | December 1, 2008


One of the best things of the Obama campaign is the poster designed by Shepard Fairey.  His poster is a far cry from the traditional; the poster is almost a tongue in cheek amalgamation of street art stencils and formal Übermensch portraiture.  And now, you can be Obamafied!  Check these out: 

Do I look presidential?  Hahahaha



I love it.  I love it that the designer calls his work Propaganda Engineering.  Just where I belong, too.

I feel a bit iffy that I had to configure myself to American political iconography.  But what the hey, I love Obama because of Michelle Obama.  And I like this design beyond the sociopolitical global context…it’s just a fantastic piece of design.  None of those cheesy political posters I see in Philippine elections.

If I see Loren Legarda or Jojo Binay have posters like Obama’s it will just be like Christmas morning if they are brilliantly stupid.

You can Obamafy yourself by downloading this program.  This one is for Mac users.


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