Posted by: nastypen | November 29, 2008

From Mikee’s Camera, Cebu Edition

I know I should be on a break, but I recently got some pics from Mikee’s files on our recent trip to Cebu.  It conjured up memory of mirth and laughter unlike my recent days.  Just how stressful were the last two weeks of November?  Well, I’m going to pack my stuff into my luggage after this for my Christmas Vacation trip to happen more than a week from now.  I just want to flee!  But first some pics….MC, please don’t hate me….

Mikee’s total number of photos in Cebu runs into three gigabytes.  I just picked the ones that are less incriminating.

Well, here is a group shot at Cebu’s Casa Gorordo.  Photography is not allowed inside the restored Bahay na Bato with beautiful rooms and furnishings.  Hence, we made do with camwhoring at the terrace.


An American tourist saw us and checked our photo and said we were cool.  We already knew that.

And here are two elegant socialites by the well….


And Sadako makes an appearance with her new blunt bangs….


MC, I know I know, please don’t hate me….But I am so damned proud of this shot…..And i didn’t use a particular photo that you will definitely hate me had I posted that….ask Mikee about that photo and you will understand why.  This Sadako pic is cute!

The title of this pic is “Hanapin dito kung sino ang hindi bakla:”


Hint….the answer is not MC. hahahahahaha.

When we are the really old San Diego home (looking face lifted fresh from the 17th Century!), I was very excited to see so many antiques and how the owners of the place attempted to keep the interiors genuine.  Despite the Cebu midday scorcher. the second floor, where the owners are located, is quite cool and not suffocating.  I really like the shingles of the roof.  Oha…an Elitista pose is a must….


Partnered with the contrived proletariat pose….


oh look…the angels’ hair color matches my shoes…..Don’t you find it endearing that I try to hide my belly with my hands?  Awww….a woolly mammoth cannot even hide my belly.

…And Mikee….


…let’s just say thank goodness Madame Mikee did not bring her red pashmina……

I shrilled when I saw this and I just had to pose here:


such regal majesty…..such fabulous delusions of grandeur….such huff….such snooty power….never mind this was outside the toilets.

Here’s Addie with his strut towards Museo sa Sugbo wearing something refreshingly pastel.  The museum was a former penal colony for the entire Visayas from the 1800s.  I do not know if they wore pastels then, so Addie maybe the first person to do so.


The last time I wore pink, I slipped and fell at a wet Makati sidewalk.  So, pink is my enemy.

Here’s what I think of Burn being the students’ crush professor of our department:


Envious?  Me?  Bitch, please.  I gladly do not contest that label.  Although, I find it amazing that Burn can just switch his terror professor antics so easily.  I tried inflicting terror at one of my classes.  Not good. I looked like I was hungry AND constipated.

And of course, the best part of the trip?  Feeding time…or rather feeding timessssss… plural it needs several “s’s.”  Here’s the photo of Mikee and I about to order up a storm at Chika-an Restaurant:


Right now, I really miss the food of Cebu.  The steamed rice….the grilled squid…the mango shake…..agh agh….I must stop thinking about food and now must start packing.  I don’t even have my ticket yet, and I am already packing.  I am that ready to make a run for it.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. wow sir!!! i like the rays behind your head…XDD and the group shot!XD would you mind po if i take burn’s solo pic?XD


  3. destressing and mesmerizing. hahaha

  4. Can’t stop laughing!!! HAHAHAHA!

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