Posted by: nastypen | November 21, 2008

I Am Officially Depressed

  • Not even two weeks into the semester, and I had to go to the doctor.
  • Tonight, my sister, her boyfriend, and another friend are watching the Kylie Minogue concert in Dubai.
  • This weekend, my mother and my sister are going to Paris, France.

I was asked to join them in both occasions, but I just cannot leave.  My sister earlier said, “You just sacrificed Kylie Minogue and the Louvre for your students?!”  I wanted to dive into my bed and crumble into tears and choco mallows.

I think I will have to buy a Lego set to assuage my despair.  Yeah right.



  1. I hope your feeling will get better soon

  2. And why on earth are you going to crumble to tears????!??!?!?

    I’m happy for your family being able to watch concerts and tour Paris! But there’s also something admirable to a dedication of a true teacher. I’m so proud of you for that, and I just want to let you know that there’s nothing wrong with missing out on life. Life is what you define of it.

    But hey, it doesn’t mean you can’t grieve about it either. That’s healthy. Just let it out. But don’t let it bring you down. You’re still entitled to your feelings about it.

    You know for a fact that I’ve been involved in holding Bible Studies back in college. It involved spending a lot of time and making sacrifices just to meet up with students who most of the time, don’t really care much about the bible lessons but care more about the bible trivia and just having idle time to be in it. And yet one of these students invited me to his wedding and I was quite surprised that all his other friends knew me by name!

    In other words, I never thought that my life would have such an impact with one person. And if that affected one person, that’s enough for me. I just hope and pray that person would continue to live up to the faith.

    As for you, your life is an artwork. Don’t let anybody else think otherwise. The biggest hurts we experience we get from our families. They wouldn’t be family if they were less or more than that. : ) But we still love them regardless.

    So there, I hope this helps. Your students are proud of you, Chong. You won’t see the impact in their lives till ten years from now or even more. But mark my words, you’ve made an impression in their hearts.

  3. nalowkah naman ako sa comment….ok lang, nakinig na lang ako ng kylie sa itunes! go, lola kylie, go!

  4. Nasabi na yata lahat ni Fishing for a Salad…
    Anyway, minsan talaga may mga temptations na kahit gusto mong mag-give in eh di pwede. Pero tama madalas kasi di naiintindihan ng iba yung kinalalagyan natin. Di naman na hinihiling natin na umayon ang mundo sa gusto natin o a pabor sa atin, thoguh mas masasya sana kung ganu’n di ba? Minsan naman things seemed to work on our side, minsan hindi.

    Hmmm… look at the bright side, madalas man tayo magreklamo o mangarap ng mga “sana” pero di nga uubra, may kagandahan naman ‘yung situation di ba? Ako, ikata-tumbling ko siguro kung travel galore ako, pero alam ko di ko talaga kaya da’l wala akong pera, pero at least I’m glad na kahit papano surviving ako on my own kahit isang-kahig, isang-tuka.

    Isipin mo na lang, now that they’re out, you made a choice on your own. Di ka pinilit and pinanindigan mong decision mo (I hope you do and di ka nagsisisi). Home alone ka man while they party, explore the art world, etc… ikaw you’re doing something you like… make the time “alone” precious. Cherish it and do your art perhaps? Peace and quiet ‘yan…. your much-seeked time di ba?

    See you later 😉

  5. Speaking of Lego: 🙂

  6. Dee, yes!!!! I saw that and I almost wept.

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