Posted by: nastypen | November 20, 2008

Happiness in Slavery?

Many friends ask me if I would still be open to corporate life. Even my own sister urges me to go hook up with a big company because “sayang talent mo.” (Your talent is wasted) Addie asked me to reconsider my aversion towards being tied to an ad agency for pragmatism. My mother just got off the phone and told me to leave UP because it is not practical in this looming (well, already burgeoning) global economic crisis. I think about it. Then I saw this.

This made me laugh out loud. It’s found at the MRT EDSA Station. Whoever did this earns my respect for its wit and candor:


Hahaha. Oh to be one of the multitude of slaves to drag stones for the glory of but one pharaoh….isn’t that a metaphor to the way of the capitalist, feudal, corporate?

Sure, I do think of getting a better salary somewhere. Sure, I do wish I could fulfill the stereotype of the glamorous and stressful life of an advertising person. Sure, it would be great to have a massive living space with streamlined modern furnishings with coffee table books for my fashionista friends who cannot read more than 20 sentences per day. Sure, I wish I could be that person whose concerns are akin to “Did my stylist match my hair with my wardrobe?” Sure, I want to have a lifestyle surrounding myself with such questions of depth such as “When will argyle be fashionable again?” Sure, I want to live up to Donna Summer‘s classic song “She works hard for the money.”

But……….Oh there is always a “but,” isn’t it?



  1. But ….office flourescent light will steal your spunk. =)

  2. Well, tama rin si Conventional Wisdom, fluorescent lights will steal your spunk :p I’ve never seen you quite tired yet quite happy in the last years. You have extra time to do art or whatever you want. And you have less stupid people to deal with (based from observation and gathered data) 😉

    I can relate to the “words” of wisdom they spared for us. I guess my mom is quite mum about it now I can still feel her worries and the concern of other family members and friends. They base perhaps security on the amount of savings and the lifestyle that I should have. Honestly, I worry too but I can’t live anymore in lies and pretentiousness. It’s tempting to get jobs na “secured” as they see it but it eats you up or drains you’re life. It’s hard to please everyone special if they base happiness of others based on the happiness of their own. They tend to forget that we’re different from them. They meant well but at times they seemed to forget that it’s annoying. Well, we have to understand them. They do mean well, but of course we hope and pray that they’ll understand and be happy for us.

    Just be strong on your beliefs. They’ll understand that (hopefully) soon. 😉

    Good luck… may the force give you more clarity of mind, enough wisdom and may it guide you to further wellness of your being… (now I’m sounding Star Wars-sy… but I’m serious ah) *hugs*

  3. Hey, Chong. You can always find a way to make both worlds meet if you really want to. Kaya ‘yan.

    By the way, can I grab this pic? I want to show it to my students, and engage them in a similar discussion. Thanks.

  4. Hi Chong,

    You know for a fact that I slave away around 10-12 hours, even up to 18 hours of work at the office the past few months working for the BPO industry. Sure it pays well… because I need to pay bills, help support family member [s] and stuff. I am indeed grateful to God for this too. As I do believe that work is also a gift from God [check Genesis, we were made to tend the Garden of Eden and not just run wild].

    But you know, another part of me wishes to wind down… to spend more time with friends and family. And I rarely get to do that.

    After experiencing grief two times in a row last year, I must say that money is fleeting and love is everlasting. Besides, I don’t believe in such a thing as “security”. There’s no such thing anymore. We can only do our best to prepare for a disaster.

    But tell me — would you rather live life to the fullest, or die and see your soul float and regretting not having done the things that you love?

    I know that I long for someone to love again, to have sex and make love like crazy! Some things in life are just worth the risk, the pain and the agony of whatever it is that others percieve as more important.

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