Posted by: nastypen | November 17, 2008

I Guess Leather Isn’t For Me

On a whim, I decided to dress formal today.  Dour blue polo shirt, black pinstripes slacks and leather shoes.  Occasionally, I want to be walking irony.  As I trooped to work, something did not feel right.  I looked at my shoe and there it was, the sole barely hanging on for dear life.  My leather shoes have committed suicide.

My shoes were disintegrating with every step I took.  If I moved on for about twenty more minutes, I’d have left a trail of dirt and flecks from a once proud pair of shoes.

So, I had to get a cab, because if I walked more, that would mean I would be walking with just my red socks on. The shoes were in pretty bad shape and I was cursing because this would mean I have to buy a pair pronto. I was just sad that my favorite pair of leather shoes decided to commit suicide.

I bought that pair more than four years ago at the urging that I look more “corporate.” Sure, I wore those shoes along with my African Goddess top like this one:


I don’t know. If I had to wear a suit, I’d freak. Some of us want to look snazzy and corporate. I am just, for now, living up to my calling of the fabulous kind.

Well, at least that pair lasted more than four years. It was time to go to shoe afterlife.

So, I went to Robinson’s Place Ermita Dept. Store and almost fainted at the prices of good leather shoes. I decided to buy a pair of my favorite shoe brand. I picked a certain color which the salesman raised his eyebrow to. I have seen that look before. It’s the “Isn’t that color inappropriate for a footwear for a guy that looks like he is as big as an American truck driver” look. I got that same look when I bought my rubber shoes years ago with the shades of mutated neon ripe mango and diva vermilion.

I don’t care, it’s high time that I include this color to my wardrobe and shoe collection.


Pink really goes well with pinstripe pants. right? I am quite pleased by the purchase. Ok, December is nearing and that is my usual schedule to get me a new pair. So, this one came in a bit early.

Addie once told me that there was a pair of sneakers with leopard spots and tiger prints. I rushed to the store only to find out that they were sold out. I would just shriek if I got a pair….or seven. Hey, I do not scrimp on divahood.



  1. Shoes that aren’t used for bout two years breakdown . The rubber gives way and that’s what happened with your pair. Which is why it doesn’t make sense to keep a lot of shoes and not wear them because in the future, they will just break down if not worn. The glue will also give up and so will the lining.

  2. the pair that broke down was my favorite leather footwear, ergo, it means that I use it quite a lot and not let it collect dust for two years.

  3. Yikes! That’s really too bad. : (

    Well, I guess it just got tired na…. : )

  4. Good for you that you bought a pair that would make you happy and satisfied Ü

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