Posted by: nastypen | November 16, 2008

He Be Fierce

I do NOT like Beyonce Knowles.  She calls her stage persona as Sasha Fierce.  She is NOT fierce.  Grace Jones is fierce.  Beyonce just tries too hard.

Although there are a few Beyonce and Destiny’s Child songs that I like, I absolutely love her latest Single Ladies.  No, not because it is catchy.  It’s a midrange pop ditty and nothing but just a rehash and hackneyed Beyonce sound.  I love the song because of the video….not her video particularly, but this guy’s video.  Now, this guy is FIERCE.

God, and Beyonce wants to be Wonder Woman, too!  Lynda Carter should just show up and bitch slap Beyonce’s delusional weave off.   And I want to say to the fabulous dancing creature: Putang Inang bakla ka ang landi mo, deng, sasampalin kita ng Tanduay Lapad sa mukha mo sabay kiss sa pisngi kasi ang gandah moh!!!!  Ang pirouette mo, potah, seamless, nagmukhang lasing at bangag tuloy si lola Beyonce kumpara sa iyo!


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