Posted by: nastypen | November 8, 2008

From Addie’s Camera, Western Visayas Edition

So, I am finally resting from last week’s massive road trip that traversed three major Visayan islands and the visit of my coteachers to Cebu.  I was supposed to fly to Davao to complete my Luzon Visayas Mindanao Trip 2008 in a span of three weeks.  But I canceled it because I want to rest and do nothing.

So, here I am at Offroads in Cebu with its fast and free Wifi, trying to get used to not doing anything for more than one hour.  That trip to Negros and Pinay was fantastic.  Although Addie and I were stranded at San Carlos City and endured for a ticket back home on a trip (to take place 12 hours after we got the ticket which we waited 8 hours for).  Here are some pics from Addie’s camera of that character-building trip:  

So, this is how it went on the road trip:


Well, I DID offer to drive.  But Addie said he does not want to die.  I wanted to have practiced my now-forgotten driving skills in the provinces.  But if that happened, I would killed someone in Bacolod, run over a child or two in Iloilo.  Ah well, somebody has to snore at road trips and that would be me.  I did read the maps only to be frustrated taht there were no street signs in Jaro, Iloilo.



We dropped by Bacolod to visit our great friend Ibyang who recently gave birth.  We gabbed for hours and hours.  I guess the older you are, the longer the reminiscing.  Ibyang’s infant son is cute.  I took some photos of him and his mom.  I did the baby’s first ever Photo-Op, according to Ibyang.  It was nice to meet Ibyang and have a conversation after all these years.  Even though Ibyang accused me of dropping out of their scene (I did, because I concentrated in Fine Arts and left the dorm life), I find it amazing to meet old friends have the same smiles.

It was a bit jarring though when Ibyang started talking about the husband’s integral role to her lactation.  I just could not take the memory of Ibyang back in the 90s; of her skipping towards me with her bangs bouncing and squealing at me, “Joseeeeee, I look like Baby spice, di ba?”



This, to me, is the crown jewel of Ibyang’s house.  This is her favorite flower pot.  She actually dragged this from Cebu to be with her at the stair’s landing in Bacolod.  Ibyang, I love you and your distinct brand of humor and taste.  I mean, can you tell me someone who had a clown do some fellatio moves in her wedding reception?  Only Ibyang.



I do not like boat rides, becuase they are slow, and in most cases in the Philippines, filthy.  But the sense of adventure is still appealing to me, so I agreed to the Ro-Ro (Roll-on, roll-off) type of travel.  Can you see my pinkie at the photo above?  that’s me being uneasy touching the railing and smiling nervously as the boat spewed ashes to the air and landed on me.  the only thing that made it bearable was the boat ride was less than two hours.



This is me from Iloilo back to Bacolod.  This is my face is saying “Take me back to my cosmopolitan climate-controlled environment of Cebu.”  you think this is bad?  You should have seen my face when I found out that we are going to be stranded at San Carlos City amidst a town fiesta ergo derailing our planned return home for another 24 hours.  Addie did not take pictures of that event.  As Larry put it, “I bet Jose unravelled after the third hour.”  Yes, I did, Lar.  Oh hell, yes, I did.  I started to look like this….only meaner.



Every trip with me calls for a diva pose.  I am smiling with my eyes, can’t you tell?


Before the horror at San Carlos City, Addie and I had breakfast.  They had a poster of the Search for Ms. San Carlos City 2008.  One of the contestants had the best name for a beauty queen ever!!!!!!

LOUTICHELLE!!!!!!  I love it!!!!!!  And she’s gorgeous, too.  But her name deserves a constellation in the sky!

Check out Addie’s photos here.


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