Posted by: nastypen | October 24, 2008

From Addie’s Camera

Sometimes, I get tired playing the photographer part. The good thing of having a companion in your travels is that he will take your pics. Considering I am ultra-possessive of my camera, God bless Addie for indulging me in my camwhoring with his nifty photo unit.

While I am impressed by the complex Fort Ilocandia, I do not like it that much. It reeks of Marcos excess and gambling’s present. I was walking down the halls and looking at these photographs of mostly highly politicized schmaltzing that made me want to barf. I mean why not use photographs of Ilocano culture or scenic spots? I don’t want to see Imee Marcos and her chin smiling at me.

I was nonchalant until I saw one photo that made me squeal with delight. I just had to pose with it. Here’s my favorite photo at Fort Ilocandia:

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE HER FACE!!!!! A close-up of this glorious vision:

It’s so campy! Why on earth would the Fort Ilocandia people use this photograph? It is not at all sultry. Perhaps her face is pinched because her backside was fried by the Ilocos sun. Whatever, I love it and wanted to steal the photo.


I didn’t bring my camera when we went to Vigan’s Simbaan A Bassit, a small church by Vigan’s really old cemetery. I wish I did because there were so many things to see in Vigan’s necropolis. Some grave markers were so old. Others were creepy. I especially like this one Addie found:

There is an innate sadness about graves, because this is the last ditch effort of ours to bid for memory retention and perhaps invention. If we cannot be immortal at least our graves will remind of our friend and families of who we were. Or, in our case, when total strangers pass by graves, they might invent stories about the dead, about how they looked, how they were called, how they lived.

And yet, this grave is crumbling and it is one of the most beautiful things I saw in that really hot day.


Addie wanted to take a picture of me sitting in a place where street food is served and to which I partook.

He wanted proof that I actually agreed to eat at a place where there was no aircon eating food from the turo-turo. And people stared at me. What gives? Haven’t they seen a fat person before? Addie said, they’re looking at my shoes. What the hell is wrong with my golden mango rubber shoes?!


This the reason why Vigan people were staring at me: I created colorful explosions at their sidewalks. I love it. I’m like a walking circus! But still fabulous nonetheless.


Meet glamorous creature Jackie. She is one of the salesladies at those quaint shops at Calle Crisologo. For some reason, I gravitated towards this shop because of the fabulous bags. Out popped Jackie and I was hooked.

No, I didn’t buy that hat.  I have my own fedora from way back 2003, now it looks old and will use it years from now.  Anyway, what made it better is that Jackie hails from Minglanilla, Cebu! Alright! Bisaya! Manghatag ug discount!!!!!

So, she is married to a local. Boy, was she an aggressive saleslady. Well, she has me her match. I aggressively haggle. Even Addie was embarrassed several times because with my discounts that I clamor, I could just might as well take things for free. Which I did. Hahahahaha. But shhhhhh don’t tell the owner. Hahahah.

Jackie had the craziest nail polish. It was pink with a tiny flower at the center! I told her “Day, mabuang ko sa imong igat nga kuko!” (Girl, I am crazy about those slutty nails of yours!) She unblinkingly said, “Lagi, mura kug burikat!” (I know. It’s so whorish!)

To top it all off, Jackie yelled at Addie and I to return to Vigan with our wives.


Addie took a photo of me sitting inside an ordinary bus. the deal in this trip is that it is disallowed to whine, bitch and frown, hence my smile. Good thing Addie was busy taking photos of the site and didn’t see me aghasted when an emo kid sat next to me. I wanted to chuck that emo kid off the window and make the world a better place.


Taken at Marcos Ancestral Home. Here’s my “Where are you, yaya, I am so hungry na?” pose.


It was so goddamn hot in Ilocos. I wished I brought my umbrella. I had to settle for this and got sunburned still.


And of course, I just have to have my fabulous diva pose and this is it.  Photo taken at Batac.  It was near the Marcos Mausoleum and I could not resist doing this.  Of course, the Letter “T” footwork of mine must be observed.


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