Posted by: nastypen | October 22, 2008

Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

Well, well, well. Somebody got excommunicated. Chad Henry was expunged from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints for his business venture of selling calendars featuring Mormon missionaries shirtless. Apparently, God does not approve of men flaunting abs and pecs.

It was just like that news item years ago of young Italian priests in the Vatican were featured in a calendar. Of course, they wore their cassocks at that one. But, dear me, the Italian priests were an eyeful. If we had those priests here, attendance in Catholic churches would increase. But that Vatican calendar ruffled some very conservative feathers.

And those priests had their clothes on, too.

The Mormons were in an uproar for featuring their young missionaries shirtless and in very provocative poses. the men were picked and had to pose with their version of Tyra Banks‘s “Smile With Your Eyes” philosophy. they had to indicate the place where they are assigned to. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps, just in case there is one lurking near your neighborhood and you might want to stalk.

I would normally roll my eyes at news like this until I saw one of the models:

He’s cute. Not my type though. But, hark! Well, well, well….I think it’s a bigger sin to misspell my country’s name.

Check out Mormons Exposed! (Well, hello there, Mr. April! hehehhe)

I got the news from this blog.


I was just surfing through some links and saw this vision of great artistry:

Oh my goodness. The company’s name alone is a winner. You have to check out Asylum’s Weirdest Sexy Calendars!

I think I might suggest one for University of the Philippines to help augment the professors’ salaries. No, I won’t model, kasi strict parents ko. However, I would gladly art direct the photo shoot and design the calendar for free. I’d even call it “The U.P. Oblations.” With a tagline like “Walang significant pay increase. Wala pang pera. Walang hiya na!” or how about “Wala kaming mga dahon!

Must suggest this at next faculty meeting.


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