Posted by: nastypen | October 11, 2008


I just finished watching A Man For All Seasons. This is one of my father’s favorite films. It is an adaptation from the play about the life of St. Thomas Moore. I remember watching this with him when I was in college and he would laugh at how Moore expertly deflected accusations heaped upon him. Of course he was executed by beheading for treason; not in agreement to King Henry VIII‘s marriage to Anne Boleyn. Eventually, Moore was made a patron saint to politicians and lawyers. I wonder who is the patron saint for cartoonists like me.

I read ages ago that St. Luke is the patron saint for both doctors and painters. It was said he painted the portrait of the Holy Virgin. Ergo, he is the patron saint of painters. But I am not a painter. I’m a cartoonist. Do we have a patron saint?


None. Cartoonists do not have a patron saint. But apparently there’s a patron saint for cats. It’s quite humorous that cats get saintly protection and cartoonists don’t.


I’ve always been fascinated by the lives of the saints. This is why I cannot leave the Catholic Church because it is just too damned interesting. I mean I love the Catholic guilt thing. Moreso with the stories of these holy people doing everything in the name of God. I remember reading horrified how one saint was thrown into a wheel with daggers to flay her skin. Stephen King has nothing compared to some Catholic books.


I did buy on discount the definitive biography of Charles Addams. He is one of my most favorite cartoonists. Sure I started out reading Garfield then Peanuts (but I grew up more with Hagar the Horrible and Beetle Bailey….very macho comic strips), but I fell in love with a few cartoonists’ works. The Addams Family is one of my favorites. I opened the book and read a passage that the cartoonist wanted to name Pugsley as Pubert but that was just too much. I love it.


I went to watch the Spanish Film Fest at Greenbelt. Managed to catch two films. Unfortunately, I slept at the feature-length animation Nocturna. The illustrations were cute. The concept was endearing. The animation was fantastic. but I still slept because I am old and tired. The other one was Luz Silenciosa. It was a slow film. Thirty minutes onto the film, the script can be scrunched up into two pages. It was just a documentary of slowness. I cannot bear it and I had to walk out. I mean my life is already slow, why should I have to watch it on big screen? I’m sure the poseurs will be all gushing about how intricate the pregnant silences are woven between scenes to compound the thick tension between characters. bitch please.


I watched Tropic Thunder the other night and it is the best film this year. Tom Cruise should be nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor. I was laughing my fat ass off. And I love it because one of the writers of this film is Justin Theroux. For those of you who have yet to know him, he’s the thinking woman’s (and some further discerning gay men’s) hunk:

He may have appeared in Charlie’s Angels 2, but dammit, he made up for it by appearing as a volatile film director in Mulholland Drive. He will always be that hot cowboy sucking Janeane Garofalo‘s (people say that I resemble her character) face in Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion . AND he is related to the fantastic writer Paul Theroux (author of Mosquito Coast and Kowloon Tong). AND he will be writing Iron Man 2. A man after my heart: hot, smart and unafraid to make fun of himself and unwilling to take himself seriously.


I have to stop and get back to viewing my downloaded series of great films. From The French Connection (because its iconic car chase scene was used by a porn flick to intersperse between uhm….angles…so surreal and funny) to Zoolander (Because nothing is funnier on earth than a male model walk off.)


Oh wait. There is something funnier than a male model walk off. It’s the collection of fake movie trailers before Tropic Thunder. Tobey Maguire as a horny monk is worth the price of the ticket alone.



  1. Thanks for this entry! I had a good laugh!!!!

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