Posted by: nastypen | October 9, 2008


So I was on my way home and passed by this billboard saying that October 10 is Teachers’ Day.  The image is that of a young male pupil scribbling on the chalkboard whilst the female teacher stands at one side looking beatific.  The pupil was drawing angel wings behind the teacher.  Awwww…..I am sure that advertising agency wanted to convey the message that teachers are angles on earth….or perhaps they are simply saying that our students want us dead and would rather have us be angels rather than mortals and heaping upon them countless requirements.  Or it could mean that the teaching profession is deadly and we will eventually be like angels…or in my case, a damned soul…because of our paltry salary.

Well, I am about midway on my second year as a teacher.  Friends still talk to me about jumping ship and going back to the corporate world.   Recently, a bid ad agency was sending me feelers that they want me as an art director.  My mother still wants me to give the OFW lfe….oh I’m sorry, according to Gloria Makapal Arayko, the “Expat” life….a try.

Moreso, it is a worse time to be poor given the heaving global economy all askew with market shrills and what not.  Just a couple of days ago, I had a case of tension headaches.  It was stress from the past semester that finally caught up with me and bitch slapped me to submission of two full days in bed moaning and groaning for valium.

I am just thankful that, at least for me, the semestral break is here.  I can relax a bit.  In fact, despite my down time with affliction, I managed to tweak the syllabus for next sem.

As I was typing under heavy medication, an acquaintance called me up and fed me the latest gossip (A Pinay “actress” got preggers and had an abortion!) and told me to return to fore of marketing and advertising.  The bitch said, “Sa alam mo at kaya mong gawin, dapat yumaman ka.  Ano ba ang makukuha mo sa mga estudyante mo?” (With your knowledge and capability, you could have been rich.  What will you get from your students anyway?)

I slurred, “Kapatid, bangag ever akesh sa gamot.  Di kita masagot at sasalpak na mukha ko sa keyboard.  Babu!”  (Sister, I am drug-addled right now.  I can’t answer that question because my face is about to hit the keyboard.  Bye!)  I am tired of having to justify my choice to teach.

I wish i could be like some of my colleagues who have been there for more than a decade.  Will I stay that long, too?  Or will pragmaticism and eventual boredom rip me away yet again?

All I know is I am a teacher and I am not angel as dictated by that ad campaign.  Lord knows, I’m not divine.  I’m fabulous.  Besides, I can’t be an angel.  I’m too heavy.  I’d need Airbus wings and my own air strip for take off.



  1. Aww Sir. 😐

    Isa po (and all teachers are) kayong angel dahil ginagabayan niyo yung mga estudyante into the “light” (a.k.a knowledge. Naks Philo ito). Hehe. Labo.

    Siguro Sir nakita ng ibang professors na vocation talaga nila ang teaching at may fulfillment silang nakukuha dun kaya matagal na sila sa ganung propesyon. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Trixie. I am fortunate to be a teacher. There IS a fulfillment in this profession to which money cannot compete. I say that with all honesty. 🙂 I do hope I am strong enough for this.

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