Posted by: nastypen | September 22, 2008

Because I am Stupid

….I take for granted the election process. I wrote in my blog ages ago the pointlessness of voting because I gave up too easily on the process. I let cynicism take over; that corruption, family dynasties always win. I thought paying taxes is enough. Deep down, I know I am just spewing hot air. What I take for granted is cherished by many as a right. And some even want to exercise this right and yet circumstances prevent them from doing so.

I still think elections are valid and necessary. Despite the circus freak show called the campaign season, it is our choice that makes democracy work.

My sister, who works for the Commission on Human Rights panicked recently. An artist that was supposed to do some work for them bailed out on them. That artist was supposed to design something to do about giving access to marginalized sectors of society to the election process.

So, I agreed to design the shirt. Of course, I was excited.

My sister showed me another shirt which the organizers love. So, my design took off from there. The figures you see on this shirt are a series of parenthesis, circles, brackets, rectangles, oblongs and lines. I used Adobe Illustrator CS3. Ahem ahem…I even came up with the line “Mahalaga ako sa halalan” (I am valuable to the election) to highlight the importance of inclusion to the process for these marginalized sectors: the elderly, the students, the evacuees, the detainees, the lumad, the differently-abled.

The organizers were kind enough to print my work on a XXXXXXXXXXXL black shirt just for me. I have the only black shirt. The entire collection is on white shirt. My sister told me that the shirt is so popular. The Commissioner of CHR thinks that the design is cute and likes the text. The security guards at the CHR asked for some. I don’t know if there are any left. This shirt is not for sale. It’s supposed to be distributed to certain sectors.

This is a proud moment for me this month that is wracked up by stress and exhaustion.

Of course, it is pro bono….Apparently, I like doing things either for free or for a hilariously low salary.

…because I am stupid?

Meanwhile, take a look at my student’s works! They used acylic to paint on shirts, shoes, and bags.



  1. Sir I want one! Hahah! Im indigenous! Haha!

  2. Hey are there any extra shirts? Congrats bro bear! The design is good. I want one in periwinkle. Hehehe

  3. hala ngayo sad ko!!!

    but im sure, gikalimtan nasad ko! hmph…

  4. great job! i’m so proud of you!

  5. ang cute sir chong! sana may kamukha mo dun sa characters para mas cute. haha.

  6. Hi Jose, nice kaayo! 🙂

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