Posted by: nastypen | September 20, 2008

Well Well Well….

It’s a dream UAAP Men’s Basketball finals: Ateneo vs. La Salle. The tickets are sold exponentially. They even have customized donuts. I might even see Sen. Dick Gordon hilariously dance dance with an eagle. Online chatrooms and blogs are on fire between the battling schools. While all this trash talking is part of the spirit of school competition, there are just some assholes that cross the line.

Case in point with what happened today to my brother-in-law’s sister Agnes. Her car was egged. Some punks threw eggs at her car. Right smack at the sticker with the Ateneo insignia.

It gets worse. Her car was parked properly at a hospital where she is visiting her mother who is being treated. While the family was in the hospital room, some people thought it would be funny to smash eggs at a car.

I mean is a hospital the place to have these juvenile school competitive mash-ups? It just irritates me because Agnes is a nice lady and she does not have a mean bone in her body. It just so happens she had an Atenean sticker and some La Salle jerks with nothing better to do were in the vicinity.

I am just afraid of what does this paint La Salle students and graduates?

This is just too bad because I have friends from La Salle and they are good people. It is very frustrating that there are always those few rotten bastards that drag the school name down.

I mean even in the cheerdancing competition, U.P, vs UST can have some pretty barbed exchanges. Some blogs are just too nasty but then again, it’s all part of the process. However, I have yet to hear news of U.P. people thrashing the cars of U.S.T. people. (well, kasi naman ang nag-e-emote sa cheerdancing ay mostly mga beklah, eh hellow, bakit pa kami magsasabunutan eh alam namin na ang bakla …irregardless of scholastic background…ay maganda at huwag alipustahin ang kagandahan…idaan na lang ang warla-warla sa mga dila at sa catwalk!)

…it must be because U.P. people would rather have their eggs scrambled and eaten than have them wasted as a statement of rivalry? (Susmeh noh, sa hirap ng buhay ngayon? Bakit pa ihahagis ang itlog sa kotse habang maraming tao na kumakain ng isang pakete ng Lucky Me pancit canton para sa isang araw?)

So, tomorrow, people will be buzzing about that epic battle between Ateneo and La Salle. So, as money is piled on high from the ad sales on studio 23, as the students of these schools harangue each other, as they scream in elation over basket shots, as all these hoopla is happening, I shall be checking papers.

Because amidst all these battle of school colors, I, personally, would ultimately rather want to read about what a UP student thinks. Too bad there’s no Krispy Kreme donut equivalent to that.


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