Posted by: nastypen | September 10, 2008

I Miss This

This is so random.  I was walking around National Bookstore today.  For the third day in a row, the rain is relentless.  Suddenly, I wanted to break into dance. For some reason, I remember this music video.  Must be the rain. 

Helly, nasty!  God, I miss the Beastie Boys.  And their DJ is Filipino-American.  They remind me so much of my classmates at the UP College of Fine Arts during a time before fashionistas and cars invaded the college.

I chatted with a classmate yesterday.  He wants to hold an exhibit next year.  It’s a group exhibit mostly of people he befriended during college.  I told him next year is our tenth anniversary of graduating from UP.

Ten years.  Whoa.  Some of my classmates are married.  Some with kids.  Some are abroad.  Some still look the same way they did back in the 90s.  Some ballooned into blimp proportions.  Some disappeared.

Ahhh the nostalgia is thicker than the rain.  I have to shake it off.  I I will just dance to this:

God…Love the pastiche!  What a fantastic spoof! It’s based on an Italian film Danger: Diabolik.  But I initially thought it was a cross between Thomas Crown Affair (the Steve McQueen version) and  James Bond.

Speaking of which, The Quantum of Solace will be showing soon!  Faye and I are excited!  I hope the next bond girl is as fierce as Eva Green‘s Vesper.  (The worst Bond girl name is Denise Richard‘s Christmas Jones) Love the new Bond.  He may be scraggly and unrefined, but he is the best actor among the Bonds.  Thankfully, it was about brawn and brains and not just dependence on gadgetry.  AND he is brave enough to announce that he wishes to have a gay angle.

Damn, if there is to be a gay villain at a bond film, I’d audition!  Here’s my inspiration:

The lovely Miss Grace Jones who was also a Bond girl/villain. and what would be my Bond girl name?  Alta Chlamydia.  Hey, that could be my drag name as well!  Love it!

Ok, now back to Body Movin‘.  Like I said, this is a totally random post.


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