Posted by: nastypen | September 2, 2008

I NEED to Laugh

It’s the start of the “BER” months. It’s the month of Virgo which goes against my sign. I also read the cost of war and I am appalled that I cannot even afford ONE mortar bullet with my monthly salary as a teacher. I need to laugh.

But first, I went home collapsed on the bed and slept. I woke up with the news blaring from the neighbor who has the aptitude to breed noise machines like his braying children, karaoke fiend pals and his penchance for sharing what he is watching within a 4-mile radius.

So I escape this by watching what I downloaded ages ago. I check out my folder of “comedies” and I was stunned that I only had a few files in it. My DVD stash is a mountain range of misery. So, I just double-clicked on the file of The Lost Episodes of Ren and Stimpy.

this cartoon in hilarious and disgusting. I like Spongebob and I know the Simpsons and South Park are smart and funny but Ren and Stimpy are my ultimate favorite. these episodes were shown in america’s Spike TV channel and they are clearly not for kids.

Here are some of the screen caps:

I really like the art of this cartoon. The retro of the 50s dashed with postmodern inflections make a great combination. And the stories are so atrocious, I love them. A mother weeping because her child has a disability….the child is headless. Stimpy gets pregnant by Ren, but both of them are male. I guess these sick jokes make me laugh and does that make me sick?

Who cares?

I have lost faith in our local cable system. Recently, I watched Blades of Glory at HBO and they CENSORED some parts. How can you censor a Will Farrel flick? It’s crude, shallow, stupid and the Singaporeans deem it dangerous. HBO Asia is located in Singapore. Hell, even Sex and the City episodes are whitewashed. So, I don’t think Ren and Stimpy lost Episodes will be shown here at local cable channels.

After that I watched the complete two seasons of The Sarah Silverman Program. I heard that this series is being aired in a cable channel. But knowing the censors, they will cut quite a lot because of its brash nature.

Hello, when is humor delicate? Let me rephrase that….Is humor great when it is trying to be decent?

The more offensive it is, the better it is for me….well, some of the time. There are just offensive statements that just need to be bitchslapped. But not Sarah Silverman. She’s my idol.

And Sarah Silverman pokes fun at everything from gay relationship (“What a sweet way of going to hell”) to death (“Cemeteries are so pretty. I guess all those rotting flesh is good for the soil”) to immigrant workers (“God created illegal immigrants not for us to insult, he created them for us to enjoy.”) to racism (“I learned that old black women are wise and young black women are prostitutes”), HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health, religion and the list goes on. The sheer political incorrectness of this show is fantastic.  It’s irreverent and putting down of the conservatives that I enjoy.

I wish I could even spew 2% of the humor of this show into my comic strip. Hell, I got into trouble by writing the word “Bitch” and these right wing evangelicals and Catholics hurl rocks at me. Very Christ-like of them.

But it does not matter to me because I just merely laugh at them. I laughed even louder when I found out that there are more than two readers of my comic strips. So that means occasionally, there are three!

Anyway, laughter is my only medicine. It’s the only medicine I can truly afford because it is still for free. So excuse me while I watch Strangers with Candy for the nth time because this makes me laugh out loud:

You can’t go wrong with lines like “We have cable, right? If you’re paying for cable and not watching TV, you’re losing money. It’s just simple economics.” or how about “In art class today, we decided to break in the new kiln by putting in objects the manual specifically prohibits! I can see why ‘car battery’ is on the top of the list. I get it now.”

I get it, too.


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