Posted by: nastypen | August 26, 2008

Is “Ugh” A Word?

The TV news blared that there is a biopic in the works for the recently deceased actor Rudy Fernandez.

There is talk that Cristopher de Leon will portray the action star. Makes sense, both are relatively gorgeous and they have facial hair and both are good actors; moreso with de Leon.

Just then a video clip showed Senator Jinggoy Estrada, the best friend of Fernandez.

A friend of mine quipped, “Why not ask Jinggoy to portray Rudy? He knows the guy better. He practically sobbed louder than Lorna T. (Rudy’s widow) when Rudy passed. UGH.”

I wondered, “Will it be a documentary showing the advance stages of decomposition of Rudy Fernandez?” UGH.

Mean, I know….but it could be worse…..I could be an alleged plunderer.



  1. i caught a replay of “The Explainer” on ANC last Tuesday. Manolo Quezon was abroad and when I saw the guest host. I could swear it was a younger version of Rudy Fernandez!!!katakot! pero ito magaling mag-english.

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