Posted by: nastypen | August 21, 2008

The Pen is Mightier

As the rain pummeled Manila yet again recently, I was on the bed nursing a headache so I didn’t watch television, too lazy to watch serious films, too tired to read.  So I drew with my ballpoint pen.

Yup, I made this an assignment for my Visual Arts Workshop class.  They have to render two drawings using ballpoint pen.

Lately, I’ve been drawing certain monsters.  And of course the second drawing is taken from what I saw on TV when the MMDA people cleared out the vendors.  One pregnant woman was clinging to her wares.  Old women were tearfully begging for the operation to stop.

I don’t know about my students but I really enjoy doing this sort of art.  Besides, I told them they shouldn’t fear the ballpoint pen considering they have been using one since high school.  So this should come easier than, say, oil pastels.  This ballpoint pen art kept me sane when I was asked to sit through a half-day meeting, sometimes a whole day.   To tell you the truth, i am more comfortable with ballpoint pens than pencils.



  1. Interesting isn’t it? I feel the same way too about pens and pencils!!! We can actually do a survey on it and find out on who wins? The pen or the pencil????

  2. coolness. it’s been a while since i saw you do cross-hatch and sketchy. usually, high contrast ang nakita ko e.

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