Posted by: nastypen | August 10, 2008

Olympic Memories

I always love watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. This year, I just downloaded it so I can replay it at whim. Technically, my very first Olympics on earth was Moscow ’80. So, it was the height of cold war and I have no memories of that one. 1984 Los Angeles Olympics? Though I do have memories of that year I couldn’t recall watching the Olympics. I do remember watching 1988 Seoul on TV.

Some recollections of 88 Seoul:
– I was shocked when I saw South Koreans singing in English.
– I love the giant mosaic of flags

1992 Barcelona:
-ABS-CBN censored the opening billboard of the Olympics. It had a male nude about to run in a race. Despite its dramatic lighting and artistry (no dangling appendages seen), they cut that off.
STILL the best lighting of the Olympic flame. Sorry, Beijing, yours may have been spectacular razzle dazzle, but the archer had some immense skill to alight it from afar and rthe way they alight the cauldron is STILL the most daring and creative….no need for harness or computer graphics….just precision and skill….which is what the Olympics are all about, right?
– Fell in love with synchronized swimming

1994 Lillehammer, Norway (Winter Olympics)
-Was in high school, studying in Canada. Watched the olympics due to the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding assault scandal. Whoever thought that figure skating can be so violent?
– I love it that the “villain” Tonya Harding skated to the theme of Jurassic Park (WINNER!) and stopped midway crying because her shoelaces unravelled.
– Surya Bonaly of France is the fiercest figure skater ever….she was the first woman I saw doing backflips on ice with tassles and sequins….

1996 Atlanta
– was in college with no TV.
– oh wait….I did watch one game of men’s volleyball and fell in love with a Brazilian adonis.

2000 Sydney Olympics
– already working. Watched the opening at the office.
– Cathy Freeman in white lighting up the spaceship-like cauldron…very happy of the choice of an aborigine to light up the olympic flame.
– Olivia Freaking Newton John sang!
– I was shaking when North and South Korea marched under one banner….that was phenomenal.
– Kylie Minogue singing Abba’s Dancing Queen to close the games….Kylie with the two Koreas together as one…..the games are pure magic, I swear.

2004 Athens Olympics
– Still working for the same company but about to resign a few weeks after the Olympics.
– I remember the Greeks grumbling that they are not ready for the Olympics, might as well let Beijing host 2000 Olympiad.
– I LOVE the parade of the artworks of Greek antiquity. It’s an Art History aficionado’s wet dream come true.
– Damn, Greek men are hot….moreso when they are portraying several friezes in their history
– The Snake Queen to kickstart the parade of art works coming alive is the best opening act in Olympic History
– BJORK sang Oceania…..this has got to be the most cerebral opening ceremony ever.
– Bjork’s dress unravelling to cover hundreds of square feet that created the illusion of the sea made me fall in love with her even more.
– Greeks opted for Bjork… wonder Greece is one of the most substantial seats of Philosophy.

2008 Beijing
– Zhang Yimou directed this spectacle. I love his quiet, understated works in cinema more.
– The fireworks in shape of footsteps were astounding.
– Where was the Great Leap Forward in their pageantry of Chinese History?
– Sarah Brightman singing like a Peking Opera star
– The act with the 2,008 drummers at the start was fantastic.
– The giant crowds of performers are the best in Beijing
– I was expecting more, frankly.
– Why isn’t wushu an Olympic event?!
– fantastic costumes!
– I was hoping for a ballet of the Red Guards with matching carrying the portrait of Mao Tse Tung.
– By far, the cutest (Summer) Olympics mascots…for Winter Olympics, Utah’s mascots are cuddly as well.
– The globe was a brilliant touch.
– Ah the 56 ethnic groups of China. they’re all smiling. I see the Uighurs are represented by Han Chinese sporting fake beards.
– I didn’t watch the parade of nations. I was told by a friend, “Manny Pacquiao’s moustache is visible from space like the Great Wall of China.”
– I hope we get a medal.

What will happen in the next Olympiad? Will the Spice Girls reunite for London 2012? Will Queen Elizabeth II run with the Olympic torch with matching ermine-lined shorts and velvet cape? Will I still be alive by then?



  1. You simply amaze me with your memory! I can hardly recall the Olympics except for figure skating Michelle Kwan and Nadia!!! Ooohh, I always loved watching the marathons, which is always usually topped by the Africans!!! But man, you can actually become a commentator!

  2. The Beijing Olympics Opening was totally awesome.

  3. habang pinapanood ko yung opening ceremony ng Beijing Olympics.. naiyak ako 3X! hahaha ang gawndah kasi talaga. sobrang spectacular! pinagtawanan nga ako ng kapatid ko pero kebs ko sa kanya. ang ganda kasi talaga. tapos makikita mo na para bang galing sa puso nila talaga yung performances nila. wala lang. natutuwa lang talaga ako sa opening ceremony. tapos yng costumes. wow! parang talo pa yung ms universe hahaha

    as for London 2012.. uhm.. well back to the drawing board for them haha.

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