Posted by: nastypen | August 5, 2008

Books and Films Saved Me Today

Today was not such a great day.  My knees hurt and I was caught up in palpitating rage and frustration.  But I’m ok now.  I went to Glorietta to let off steam.  I almost watched The Dark Knight for the second time but thought against it.  I couldn’t relax in a film with explosions and maniacal laughter.

So, I rummaged through the “On Sale” bin at the National Bookstore.  I saw this:

It considerably brightened my day.  Original prize?  Php1,200.  I bought it for Php250.  Thank goodness for small mercies and blatant consumerism to fill the void in one’s soul.

I was searching for a book like this for a long time.  Found some titles but yelped at the prices.  So, this majorly cut down price is an achievement….a small victory amidst exhaustion from the stress and the driving rain.  Now, I devoured the book already and cannot wait to teach my students of this fantastic art process.

So, instead of watching a movie at the mall, I just went home and plopped down and watch the films I downloaded.

Here’s the title of one of them:

Yep, that’s what the film is called. No, it isn’t pornography. It’s about relationships. Really. Truly. Very poignant. Better than hackneyed love songs. What will you do if you truly love a person? How far will you go to show that love? By the way, this is a comedy.

As the provocative titles suggests, this Canadian indie revolves around the sex lives of four couples and one threesome. Each group is in a different stage of love or passion: a couple on a first date, two exes who still aren’t over their romance, a pair of friends who take a stab at being something more, a couple struggling to revive their bedroom life, and arguing roommates who can only agree that one’s girlfriend is very, very sexy. This romantic comedy played to acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I love this.

And after that I finished watching the greatest cartoon of all time:

Sure, Ren and Stimpy can be disgusting and offensive.  But whoever said comedy should be polite?

The first time I saw this cartoon was in 1993 when I was studying in Canada.  I was immediately drawn to it.  It had the markings of the antithesis of a Walt Disney Cartoon.  It was funnier than Looney Tunes.  The crass!  The barfing!  the slapping.  The “Wipe where the sun don’t shine” statements.  These are things that endeared themselves to me.  I have students who are absolutely disgusted by this.  But it is a disservice to the art of animation if you relegate it to just production of kiddie fare.  This point of view is just so limited.

Speaking of limited point of view…..

And as I surfed through the net, I saw this guy lambasting the University of the Philippines students as “Fake Scholars.”  Basically, he went on about that it is not true scholarship when you have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money.  He said:

UP students get in line to pay for their tuition holding wads of cash roughly four times thicker than those from New Era University would pay for. I am sure that we don’t need figures, charts, and statistics to prove the veracity of my claim.

Had it been somebody from PUP, PLM, PNU, TUP, or any state university/college who boasted himself as “Iskolar ng Bayan”, I am inclined to agree. Otherwise, if it’s from UP who claims such, I will maintain the same incredulous revulsion.

Braggart, think twice! Admit it or not, you don’t deserve to be called  “Iskolar ng Bayan”… in the true sense of the word.

I replied:

I am not here to pick a fight.  I am here to clarify tings.  I don’t think scholarship is based on financial capability per se. If that is the case, then Paris Hilton and Gretchen Barreto are among the best scholars on earth. The primary definition of scholar is a person in pursuit of academic achievement. It has nothing to do with wads of bills. The contextual meaning of “Iskolar ng Bayan” is supposedly an ideal for UP students to acquire their knowledge for the good of and service for the country. It is not just because of the state subsidy…which if you define UP education by just that subsidy (or tuition) that is hilariously myopic and narrow. And by the way, the conceited label is true, because, like it or not, UP did, does, and will continue to produce revolutionary thinkers, distinguished scientists, capable engineers, national artists, dictators, raconteurs, key players, of the nation and of the global village. Of course, other schools have had their contributions as well. UP does not deny the achievements nor question the capability of other schools. UP is too busy fostering excellence to pick a fight in rhetoric.  Thank you.  Keep on blogging.

Ok, I’m off to read some books now.  Ladies and gentlemen….world peace!



  1. ay, napanood nyo na rin yung YPF!
    i learned about that from a friend who was looking for porn.

    Given in the title “YOUNG PEOPLE” akala niya teen porn or something, yun pala matinong film 😀

    pinaka-ayokong story arc yung sa roommates 😀

  2. There’s nothing like controversy to get people commenting (or cursing) you on your blog. On my previous post about UP students being “fake” scholars, I have received dozens of comments, ranging from criticisms on my argument, utter defiance, or just simply joining the avalanche of verbal attacks against the post I’ve made. Well, to be perfectly honest, I had a great time approving those comments after comments… I didn’t expect that a multitude of bloggers would negatively react about it. I thought that it was just one of my posts that would receive a comment or two. Well, I was completely wrong. It only proves then that controversy begets publicity. And I just loved it! I wasn’t even offended with those “hate comments”. To put in psychological parlance, I would call it “reinforcers”. Those comments created a new form on the identity of my blog.

    This blog is nothing but a collection of my rambles and musings. That’s why I named this Ramblings of Dennis in the first place. I am totally surprised why people get so serious about my post. I am not lambasting the school or the students themselves. I was just a blogger who posted my own observation.

    As a blogger, I think that, through that post, I was able to find the key to differentiating myself to attract as many reader or (enemies) as possible. Successful bloggers say that for one to gain as many readers as possible, a blogger should consider lateral thinking. Here’s the thing about lateral thinking—it is creative thinking that also provides a logical bridge within the context of a blogger’s chosen subject matter. And while the concept of lateral thinking is crucial to separating myself from the other bloggers, a logical justification is also required. They say that lateral thinking does not mean coming up with some flaky idea that is divorced from both common sense and the needs of your targeted audience. But sometimes a violation of that lateral thinking concept could even work better! Just like in my case.

    This is my ramble for today, and it started because I got these weird rucks of comments after I claimed that UP students are “fake” scholars. Now you can call me a retard, freakish, bitter, nuts or whatever… I could only say “Thank you.”

    By the way, I never forced anyone to follow the same line of thought that I have. If you hate me, blame yourselves! You always have options.

  3. Mr. Den Relojo, nobody hates you. Check your comments…it’s not hate. It’s more on ridicule. Be that as it may, I like the blogosphere for being a stage for airing our thoughts, correct or otherwise.

  4. I just love it when you used Paris Hilton and Greta as examples! Although it does remind me of that thing, Fallacy of Equivocation? Bwahahahhaha! I’m not here to pick a fight either, but naloka lang ako at yun pa napili mong examples!

    Kidding aside, I wish people would see UP more than a place to send their schools and get a good education.

  5. hello, panulatpanayaw, yup i know of that fallacy of equivocation. I was merely holding a mirror to that Den guy to show how absurd his arguments were hence the citation of Gretchen and Paris.

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