Posted by: nastypen | August 2, 2008

No need to feel ashamed… release the pain… cry for help…

There is no need to feel ashamed when I say this: So, Nemcy and I watched Rick Astley bring back the songs from an innocent time last night. It was in April when Nemcy and I were at the very posh SM North EDSA mall. I was buying art stuff and she bought a spray paint, we were gabbing and we were stopped at our tracks and saw a poster announcing Rick Astley’s concert. We both squealed. Last night, we did something more than squeal.

I overheard the ladies in front of us saying that they left their kids at home for this concert. The beautiful lesbian couple to my southeast are younger than me and they were gabbing on how they can’t wait to dance and scream. Hell, even the homely aunt next to Nemcy brought a kid along with her and that kid was wearing giant headphones to protect him from the noise. Noise? Rick Astley does not do noise, kid.

At first I thought that there might be a few people watching then I realized the people who grew up with his songs can well afford the tickets by now. The places where the tickets are worth a lot are full. I see a lot of people that no longer belong to the yuppie label. Nemcy excitedly pointed out That’s Entertainment alum Manolet Repol. Apparently, Rick Astley, who recently enjoyed a “resurgence” in his career, has quite the fanbase in Manila.

I was invited to the kick-off party at Alchemy.  I could have met the man in person.  BUT it was on a Wednesday night and Thursdays I get a killer schedule at UP.   So, I had to pass taht up.  Too bad, it would have been fantastic to have my pic taken with him.  hahahha.  It’s ok.  I still prefer the concert because I know Pinoys will just go ape-shit crazy over him and I was right.

No, I am not a fan but I like some of his songs. I watched this for the irony of someone like me screaming like a girl spiked with Rohypnol and cocaine to songs I shuddered to when I was young. It was fun. It was pure of guilty pleasure. I love it.

Some observations:

The opening act was a show band from Bacolod who belted 80s songs. As I listened to the songs, I realized that the 80s were, truly fun. The popular songs do not chime about heartbreaking isolation. If the 70s were naive and glittery to which taste forgot, the 80s were self-conscious hedonism.

The lady singer in that cover band wore something that made it look like her pubic hair stretched from the pudenda up to her cleavage.

“We built this siii-tiiii in rock and roll.” God, show bands from Cebu are better.

Then at one point that lady singer just started to gyrate her hips as if she was Shakira. The lady was so slight she looked like Sharika’s four strands of hair being flicked to the wind. I thought “This is great. I see a tape worm dancing sexily.” I was laughing so loud at her attempt to be sultry.

People went crazy when Roderick Paulate was spotted. This guy who iconized himself in gay roles in 80s trash flicks also did a great Rick Astley impression back in the day. One woman screamed “I love you, Kuya Dick!”

Rick Astley still looks the same albeit a little chunky. Still cute, though. Too bad, I was hoping he’d show up in that iconic brown trench coat from his Never Give You Up music video.

Damn, he still sounds the same!

Rick Astley apologized for being late; that it took him more than 15 years to perform in the Philippines. That’s ok, Rick, I mean Manila is the place to be to resuscitate one’s career. Check out David Pomeranz, Englebert Humperdink, etc.

Rick Astley’s back up singer is the hottest creature onstage. She looks like a soccer mom! She’s all made of win.

Rick Astley’s next stop will be in Jakarta, Indonesia. Will they top how the Manila people showered Rick Astley in warmth and love in a massive intensity? I remembered Albert telling me that Thalia cut her concert in Jakarta short because the people there were dead.

I love the look. Black suit, white shirt, black slim tie and a pair of black addidas sneakers. I was secretly wishing that he come out blazing in shoulder pads on with the 80s tsunami hairdo.

I love Rick Astley’s hairdo with the cute tuft at the front. Reminds me of the glamorous 50s “duck’s ass” hairdo. Rick Astley can even audition for the role of Tintin.

It is hard to dance those 80s moves when one is carrying an umbrella.

The audience went “AAaaaaaw” when Rick Astley mentioned that he took time off from his career to raise a daughter who is now six feet tall. I imagine his daughter looks like Pippi Longstocking.

I saw a daddy carrying his baby girl as he jiggled to the beat. the baby was clapping.

Nemcy screamed that she has goosebumps from the songs. I screamed louder when “Cry for Help” was sung. I found myself standing and shaking. I realized if I had this effect with just Rick Astley, what more if Kylie Minogue has a concert here? I’d have seizures.

When Rick Astley asked this lady to come up on stage to sing with him, I wanted to bitchslap someone out of envy. That woman grabbed his ass when they hugged.

And of course, the very epic historic event last night was this glorious vision onstage. Click on that link, I swear to God, you will not regret it. This should have been the only reason why Rick Astley came to the Philippines.



  1. Jose… thank you sooo much. Check my multiply account, uploaded the photos and some vids there. Expect the zipped file of ALL of it na hi-res files by Monday when my net connection is stronger.

    Thanks talaga… really, REALLY had fun and I couldn’t think or imagine who’d best watch such event with than you! WINNER!!!

  2. I’m so happy you had fun on a Friday night after going through so much stress at work and the academe!!!

  3. waaah! inggit ako! i was in bed kasi nilalagnat ako ng 2 araw! ikaw ba yung sumisigaw sa video ni dick na “kiss!”?

  4. Albert, well isa ako sa mga sumisigaw ng “kiss” kaso mas balahura sa akin “Halikan mo na, bakla kah!” ang sigaw ko kay kuya dick.

  5. Just making lakbay only and see your blog. Nice mentioning about my favorite actor kuya Dick. Gracias.

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