Posted by: nastypen | July 23, 2008

For The Love Of U.P.

For the love of UP….I have done something I haven’t done in a decade… which is dancing in front of a large group of people….and in shorts, too.  I saw the videos taken by students and I look like a gleeful ball bouncing on stage.  No, the videos are not online….. yet.

When I came out to introduce our dance number, my entrance was reminiscent of a diva tearing apart the curtains.  I saw so many students with their camera phones and digital cameras ready for shooting.  I wanted to puke.  But the show must go on.  And it did.  Quite loudly, in fact.  Hahahaha.  I just love the U.P. crowd…..peerless in so many ways…especially at screaming with a mixture of joy and malice at their professors who subjected themselves into this act of humiliation.

For the love of U.P., I was at a queue in a convenience store in Makati.  When the cash register opened, I saw this and asked the cashier for an exchange:

Wooohoooo……the UP Centennial overprint!  Yes!  I couldn’t find a centennial shirt to fit me.  I don’t really like buying planners.  I don’t like jackets unless the temperature is below 19 degrees centigrade.  So, this peso bill is gold to me.  Sure, it has a crease but I don’t care.  I’ll just insert it inside my yellowed-with-age diploma.  Or store it inside the special plastic casing of my most precious collection of X-Men issues.

The cashier commented on how fast my eyes are for spotting it as she counted her stack of 100 peso bills.  All those years of riding the taxis in Manila with an eagle eye (checking if the taxi meter is tampered and such) must have paid off.

But I am glad I got this.  This commemorative bill is being sold in UP for at least 200….the wort price was 1000 pesos!  Are you nuts?  So, I am sure the cashier understood why I practically dove into her peso bill stacks.

These are two evidences of the lengths of humiliation I will go through for the love of U.P.



  1. Wow! Sana makahanap din ako nyan!

  2. Hi! Sana I can find a bill like that, I’ve been looking for one since I saw an officemate holding one…. well, its not too late yet. Btw, I’m a grad of UP Manila. Sayang di na kita naabutan sa Hum prof

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