Posted by: nastypen | July 20, 2008

Why, God, Why?

Why, God, why? Why must they address it as “Bora?” and not Boracay? What possessed people to drop the last syllable? How hard can it be to add “Cay” at the end? You don’t call it Singa. It’s Singapore. You don’t call it Bei. It’s Beijing. This is why God allowed the creation of the concept of proper nouns so one may address people, places and objects properly. People say it’s like a nickname. We have nicknames for our islands and places now? What shall I call Manila? “Philippine armpit?”

Why, God, why? Why are there commercials in heavy rotation now before the State of the Nation Address saying the President Gloria Makapal Arayko has fulfilled her promises from 2001? Unless of course she promised more despair and economic turmoil then, then she is the most successful president ever.

Why, God, why? why are most Metro Manila taxi drivers picky about their destinations while they and their cabs smell like feet in a boys’ school gym? Shouldn’t they at least make an effort considering they are chased by people?

Why, God, why? Why are most Metro Manila taxi drivers so choosy yet when you ride their cabs they terrorize you with their Love Radio station and they are offended if you ask them to turn it off? You are paying to ride, yes, but are you paying to make your ears bleed with awful songs sprinkled with hyena and midget laughter?

Why, God, why? Why are there tarpaulins and streamers declaring “Ramdam ang Kaunlaran” (You can feel the progress!) with the President’s face when I know some people who cannot afford to send their kids to college anymore?

Why, God, why? Why are parents afraid of their little children now? I was at a restaurant where these two brats where running around. Their dad gave a stern look and wagged his index finger and pleaded….PLEADED…”stop, please, stop, please.” the little boy just took held his father’s finger and shook and ran around. Since when did kids become unafraid of their parents? One look from my mom with fire in her eyes and I am quiet in a corner for hours.

Why, God, why? Why am I asked to be environmentally-conscious while I see these married assholes with equally assholic children driving around in their gas guzzlers tossing their rubbish out of their windows? Why should I care about the future? I am not going to be there in the future. Shouldn’t these dumb baby factory heteros be the ones forced to mind the ecology because they sired kids? Shouldn’t they care for their brats?

Why, God, why? Why am i so angry now? Maybe i should watch again Batman the Dark Knight later? Or is it because I am going to embarrass myself in front of students and teachers this Tuesday?



  1. hinga lang ng malalim dear. ang puso.

  2. Wow, how deep and profound ang kadramahan… but I can definitely identify with most if not all the things you wrote about.

  3. God, why, oh why are you feeling this way, Jose (Hoe-say)? Unfortunately, it’s on of those days for me too! Maybe the dropping of the last syllable–indeed, how hard could it be to complete the damn spelling–takes from airline-ticket abbreviations (Bkk, Mnl, Mal, etc), but that’s another story. Similarly, there’s a popular compulsion to “marry words”–e.g., CamSur (for you know what, but only because it’s gaining currency as a tourist destination; we don’t as yet hear CamNor, do we?), IlSur (I swear! This is NOT the same as the Big Sur), and such. Watching Dark Knight later as well. Maybe Monday does these things:)

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