Posted by: nastypen | July 19, 2008

In the Absence of Ferosha Coutura

More than America’s Next Top Model. More than Amazing Race. Definitely more than American Idol. Project Runway is my absolute favorite reality TV show. Why? Because in one show, you have bitcheries and creativity. Modeling is not creative all you have to do is look like you have scoliosis and pout and voila you’re Avant Garde! Fashion Design is creative. Period. In terms of stress and insanity like the ones I occasionally see in Amazing Race? Well, I see that in the designers’ workshop under the desperation from th deadline. Stress + Shears = Must See TV.

I just finished watching the first episode of Project Runway Season 5. I didn’t see any fabulous creatures like last season’s Chris March. I have a feeling that it is the ladies who will dominate this time. Just a hunch.

Of course there are the queens. What would be fashion without the gays? Sadly though, they irritate me this time around. Here are two examples I want out of the show pronto:

Addicted to tanning. Ugh. He looks like a victim of a radioactive fallout at a tanning salon.

Are you scared yet?

You should be. And this, good people, is Suede:

Suede is a good name if you are a band. Suede as a name for a person? Well, it could be worse. He could have called himself Velcro. For these two homos who exude so much confidence, there designs are quite blah.

Fierce Factor #1:

She’s from Liberia. I lover her afro. I love her designs. I love her. Please let her become a crazy bitch! In the first episode, she ran through the room frantic about her vegetables. Fantastic. you don’t see that at Tyra’s show.

Ok, what’s wrong with this picture?

Purple shorts with red loafers. Are you Joker and Ronald McDonald’s love child?

What is this woman thinking?

Well, she was asked “what is her look?” She replied by an amalgamation of celebrities. “My look is Aerosmith meets Lauryn Hill meets Michael Jackson.” So, her designs would be amazing for the circus freaks? Not really a great selection for fashion, honey. And this is her sample design:

So, I ask you, is it a good fashion photograph to make you look like you are related to a traffic sign?

I love this woman because of her bangs:

Any woman who cites the iconic Bettie Page as an influence earns my admiration. And her clothes are not bad:

Screaming patterns are difficult to pull off. You can wear it and play chess later! Hooray for the 80s!

But I am keeping my eye on this girl:

She says that she is the “Silent Fashion Assassin.” Honestly, she looks pretty drab but I adore her designs. They are clean geometrical elegance that can be quirky and very market-friendly. Here are her samples:

Yes, she’s in love too much with deep purple. Yes, her silhouettes are so usual. Yes, her look is dated, not timeless. Yes, she’s addicted to pleats and baby doll dresses. But do check out the photos again and see the tiny details bubbling from under. Like the first photo, check out the details at the neck. But I love her when I saw her wear this:

She may be in danger of being boring and predictable. But when I saw the jacket, I know this woman should surprise me. She has the potential to be the plain Jane with fangs.

But of course, I have to have my crush for the season. and it is this guy:

Well hello there, bearded wonder. Woof. Woof. woof. Gimme more!!!

Yes!!! More!!!!

What a cutie. He looks like he can beat your ass down with a club and still invite you to come to his boutique. But, I am not really crazy about his designs:

Ok, at least he’s there at the photo.

The first challenge may be an indicator that the producers and writers for this show may be fumbling for new ideas. But I still have faith in this show. It’s just sad that I won’t see something fabulous and fun like this:

I miss you, Chris.

Well, so far, I have no inclinations as to who will win. But I have some designers to watch out for. And they’re women. I hope they don’t turn out boring like Season 2 winner Chloe Dao. I just checked the teaser for next episode and it looks like there’s going to be a meltdown.  I hope my crush starts screaming like a harpie induced by cocaine!  That would be so hot. Can’t wait!

Can’t stop the flood, bitches! (Wow. Been a while since I last said that)



  1. aaww i love chris din sir chong. actually ikaw natatandaan ko palagi pag nakikita ko siya kaya natutuwa ako.

    ang hawt nga ni keith. he looks like one of those guys who can carry and throw you on his bed then fuck you senseless. i want his babies. wahaahahaha!

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