Posted by: nastypen | July 14, 2008

I’m in a Book!

Over the weekend, I flew to Cebu for a business meeting. Met up with some friends. Stayed over at a family friend’s beach house that turned out to be more than a house. I got to eat steamed rice again. But I missed the book launching of this:

My self-portrait is at the first column, second box from the top…which of course is my character for my comic strip. But my character in the strip is soooo toned down. I don’t think the public is ready for the unleashing of glamour at the comic strip pages….yeah right.


I should inject more anger in my strip no? Perhaps I will just do that. Hahaha. I mean nobody reads my strip….like I care….so might as well rip loose the hell hounds.


I don’t know how to get a copy of this book. But then again, I’m not one to collect my own publications. But this is great for my points for faculty accomplishments.


But I have to thank my comic strips. They are my therapy, my source for the occasional taxi rides and, now, apparently, an accomplishment as part of the faculty. I never thought comic strips would make me look “good” in a job.


In other “book” news: Since I was part of the Eraserheads anthology, people were asking if the reunion of that band is true. Apparently it is true. No, I don’t think I will be given tickets. No, I don’t think I will watch. I’m too old….too fat…too lazy to be in a crowd. Now, if Yano were to reunite…..well…..that’s a different scenario….


Ok, I have been asked several times if I am going to release a treasury or collection of my comic strips. The answer is no. No. No. No. I don’t like to waste money and paper. I will release a collection of short stories in comics format or a graphic novel, but not my strips. It’s not a question of pride for my word. It’s more an issue of focus. I’d rather focus my energy and resources on other things.


But I will release a pdf version of my strips online eventually. I already did that a couple of years ago. I was just too lazy and am too busy to follow through that. By the way, eventually can mean three thousand years from now.


Seeing the roster book cover makes me miss the guys at SKP. It has been such a long time since I joined the meeting. It is because of my new job that prevents me having late night drinks with the other cartoonists. I don’t want to go to class early next day having a beer buzz.


With my life right now, I can afford to be somewhat spontaneous, but there are still parameters. I wonder how my pages in that roster book look like. I hope I don’t look hilariously stupid. But then again…like I care. It’s just sad that I don’t get to see other cartoonists as often as I used to. Mabuhay ang SKP…kahit papaano….hahahahah


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