Posted by: nastypen | July 6, 2008

Second Childhood

Ok. I admit it! I’m on the road to financial ruin! I should live beneath my means. Lord knows the salary of a UP instructor is competitive in Taiwan’s janitorial levels. But I couldn’t resist. I blew a major chunk of my salary to resurrect childhood memories. I bought Lego. This is the first time I actually bought Lego. But this is my first Lego set after close to thirty years.

I almost wept when I opened the box. The texture of the lego pieces just brought back memories of that Christmas when I was four years old. It was literally the biggest present under the plastic pine tree. My sister got herself a medical kit. I got myself a huge lego set for construction.

This was the early 80s in Cebu. Lord knows where mom and dad got the Lego in a city that took ten more years to see its first McDonald’s branch. God it’s one of my two favorite gifts from childhood. The other one was Care Bears clay (I bet my dad didn’t choose this one) and this Lego set (dad must have thought I’d be an engineer or architect). I never did get to fully construct those Lego cranes and such.

What I did was to make a Lego throne for my sister’s Barbies. I made some elaborate battlefields for my GI Joes. I built skylines before I even knew that word. One thing for sure, I played with Legos the longest. The clay hardened and became brittle but my Legos stayed. I usually kept the Lego pieces in my old sky blue lunch box with a Voltron sticker. Yes, I could be such a butch.

The last time I saw my Legos was when I left for college. My siblings and I left Cebu for family vultures to sweep down and plunder. I lost my entire collection of X-Men graphic novels. My sister’s Calvin and Hobbes treasuries were gone. My little sister’s bicycle disappeared into thin air. And my Lego. All those years kept inside that sky blue lunch box did not deter my relatives who decided to breed and swooped my legos among other things away from me to feed their noisy brats.

So, one day I was walking past the horrendously upscale hobby shop Hobbes & Landes. I screeched to a halt when I saw this huge box. And almost vomited from the price. I asked the cosmos to give me signs that this box was meant for me. The cosmos provided. But I had to resist even a few days before I could buy it finally.

I don’t even have time to construct them unless I lug the pieces around to class. I will lecture as I piece together Legos?!?! Right, I can hear scribblings of a petition if I do that. But I didn’t open the plastic bags just jet. I bought storage units for my Legos. Yes, there will be more. (Makes gagging sounds)

Blas said that men should have their vices. I thought it is either my vice would be reviving childhood toys or going to clubs and drinking myself silly like in my early 20s in Malate trying not to pick fights with those Emos.

Addie said that because of my Lego resurgence, there might be no time for him. I told him judging from these more than 500 pieces, I’d like his help to construct this one. Damn it, I hope it stops with Lego.

Check out the Lego Set I finished assembling thus preventing me from watching nor reading the news.

Damn it, Lego sets here are priced three times higher than what they go for in the States. Oh God. The gnawing guilt of me having bought this. I resolve not to buy more books until my 31st birthday. Ack! Ack! Can I do that? Jesus. I hate it that I like this toy which costs 90% of my salary as an instructor. Why couldn’t I be happy collecting….I don’t know…Bazooka Bubblegum comics wrappers…..hey I used to collect those.

I can’t help but imagine my sisters’ and mother’s look of disapproval over this endeavor. I could only say that my Legos will be passed on to my future nephew or niece. Unless of course I decide to have a Lego coffin made.

Gahd. i think it’s time for me to migrate my savings to a time deposit or mutual funds not to be touched for at least five years.

God. Legos are making a comeback in my life. Well, it could be worse, I could be addicted to sex workers. I have to go know and scour for extra income. The Legos are bleeding me but I am still smiling.



  1. basta ba mas masaya ka at wala ka namang inaagrabyado, e. go! i collect justice league toys and a lunchbox and wear batman and superman shirts. they calm the inner child.

  2. If there’s a Lego Brothel, a Lego Seraglio, or a Lego Project Runway set, I’m sponsoring you. 🙂

    Nice work!

  3. Faye, oh my goodness! I DO plan to make a Lego runway!!! I swear! I just need someone to make dresses for my lego people!!!!

  4. True that, Albert! I swear I should look for a cheap hobby to calm the inner child though. Or at least get me a sugar daddy.

  5. Your post made me smile!

  6. Go! Basta happy ka, support kita 😉
    Nakaka-relax when we get to do things the way we wanted it to, right? Inggit nga e :-S
    Display mo ‘yan ah. Isipin mo na lang pag naka-display yan, tapos me lock, tapos me mga batang makakakita, tapos di nila malalaro or mahahawakan…
    Nyahahaha *evilness*

  7. hey Paulo wanted to buy this series din! He opted for the new Transformers na lang hehe

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