Posted by: nastypen | July 1, 2008

Rub Me The Right Way

I wore one of my most favorite shirts today:

I was at the MRT station at Magallanes when the security guard stopped me.  He placed his hand on my belly and started to rub it.  He grinned and said, “Just in case….”

I was walking around Makati today in between meetings and aimlessness.  People were staring at my belly.  I wanted to say to the people “Rub away!  You know you want to!”  There was this old woman with her posse of silver haired foxes.  She stopped, read my shirt and giggled.  She pulled one of her friends and told her to rub me.  They squealed like they were back in Grade 2 when the peso-dollar exchange rate was US$1=2 Pesos.

Whatevs.  I love my shirt.  I love my belly.  Ok, fine.  It’s a planet not a belly, but I still love it.



  1. love ko shirt mo

  2. Happy shirt, happy wearer… transcends to everyone else 😉

  3. nice shirt. when can this be bought from?

  4. Hello, Patrick, I bought this shirt at WalMart in Los Angeles. But I saw a shirt like this one somewhere in Makati….I just forgot where.

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