Posted by: nastypen | June 29, 2008

Please Help

This one is for Tads.

The streets are vacant today. Despite the steady drizzle of June rain, the country is celebrating. Everyone is elated that Manny Pacquiao has won again. Many politicians will be flocking to him right now. The word “hero” and “bayani” would have been slapped on his back.

I still remember the hideous suggestion of some government officials and hangers-on to make boxing part of the curriculum. After all, it was Pacquiao’s fists that saved him from poverty. While I admire Pacquiao’s drive and congratulate him on his victories, I am horrified over the prospect that this is relaying on people the message that only fists in sanctioned violence can save you.

How about education?

I am a firm believer that access to education is STILL the great hope for this nation. It makes my blood boil to see all these posturing hallow politicians paying for premium seats in Las Vegas worth hundreds of thousands of pesos while many Filipino children cannot even afford to buy pencils.

So what is your definition of heroism?

I am still reeling over the loss of Tads. I have made my thoughts clear that it is tragic for someone so young and capable of helping others more to die. We all know how mired our country is with debilitating politics intertwined with avarice and stupidity. We all know how long the list of complaints there are regarding the inefficiencies of the system. We can either bitch, moan or do something about it.

It is not hard to imagine that there are pupils out there who can barely afford to buy notebooks, yet they pursue education nonetheless, walking for miles and hours just to get to school. If you think that education is a failure, then I dare you to tell that it is hopeless to the students sitting in a dilapidated room with an exhausted teacher making do with what little they have somewhere atop the mountains.

These children, their teachers and their parents know how hard it is to get and provide for an education and yet somehow they persevere. This seemingly tiny defiance of poverty via going to classes is heroic in stature. This quiet defiance of a failing system and burgeoning poverty is what I deem as heroic. But even heroes need help, moreso these people that are mostly neglected and ignored by mainstream society.

For just 300 pesos:

you will be able to sponsor one student’s school set which contains the following items: 1 knapsack, 7 notebooks, 4 ball-point pens, 4 pencils, writing pads, crayons, sharpener and ruler.

300 pesos. That’s a couple of overpriced drinks at Starbucks. That’s a taxi cab ride. That’s a movie date. That’s a box of donuts. 300 pesos could mean little things you and I take for granted. Then how about sharing it with people who refuse to take education for granted?

Please log in to Big Brother Big Sister Community Outreach’s website and see for yourself what you can do and what it means to be a hero without boxing gloves.

I am still waiting updates from my late classmate Tads’s (that’s him on the far right of the photo with arms raised and a wide smile) colleague at this charity. It was during his necrological services that they announced the manner you can donate to this worthwhile cause. I will update this entry once I receive word on how we can make our pledges for these children in their fight in this difficult battle.

Please help them fight. Please help them win.


Here’s the bank account in case you or your friends wish to donate:

Account No.: 3029-0176-61
Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI Card Center
Ground Flr., BPI Credit Card Bldg.
8753 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines
If deposits will be made from outside the Philippines, just specify the Bank Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Kindly text Joanne 09163444404 the date and amount of the deposit or email it to us here at

Thank you so much for your help!  I’m sure Thads is smiling right now.




  1. this is great. let’s spread the word

  2. Sir, ok to a. I will donate also.

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