Posted by: nastypen | June 25, 2008

Lost Art Works

It’s amazing what I found online. I was just surfing through, looking for ways to make money and saw a couple of my old cartoons that I sent to Turkey back in 2000. Wow. The year 2000. I had so much hope and vigor. Now, I just have so much of not hope and not vigor. hahahah. But the art works seem strange to me. Did I do these?

It was for an International cartooning competition. I only joined once because it’s expensive to send cartoons to Turkey. These are my submissions from a time when I just stepped out of college, I could buy pants from the mall, PhotoShop was alien and I would have done my art the good old traditional way:

Well, well well….

I thought I’d never see you again.

It is just so strange how I opted for minimal colors then considering I’m all about explosion of the rainbow now. And what timing that I am returning to the traditional process of art making. There are works I did before that embarrass me. Quite a lot. I plead ignorance, uneducated sincerity and naivete. But these two don’t embarrass me.



  1. i lurve et!!!

  2. the first one is quite disturbing. stars na lang talaga kinakain. 😦

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