Posted by: nastypen | June 19, 2008

Can’t Stop This

I was at a crowded elevator in Makati today.  I was pressed to the wall and saw my reflection.  I let out a laugh when I saw strands of white hair jutting out of my moustache.   Yep.  there it is.  Mortality reminded. 


Should I fret?  Run over to the pharmacy and scream for youth rejuvenation cream?  I went to the drug store and got me some crackers and meds for Onyx.  I saw the price of these “defy aging” creams and thought “One bottle of this can buy me a book.”  Books make me feel young because the wonder never goes away.


I checked myself at the mirror again.  I saw some white hair on my head.  I hope I don’t grow bald and have white hair instead.  But alas male pattern balding is attributed to the mother’s genes.  I see my mother’s brothers and tranny aunt and saw that their hair is far from ample.  Ohwell.  I don’t know how I’d take it if I had more stretch marks than hair.  hahahhaha


A former professor dropped by the office today.  She’s now based in America.  Last time she was in UP Manila, it was ten years ago.  The younger professors were wondering where will we be ten years from now.  I just said, “I’d be dead by then.”


If I won’t be dead by then, I should be at least really skinny.  Mikee commented on the rolls of loose skin I will be having.  great.  If I’m alive ten years from now, skinny, with loose skin, I might as well spread my limbs and glide about like a flying squirrel.


Since aging is the topic at hand, I took the test on which Golden Girl I am most likely to be:

I was hoping for Blanche Deveraux!  But then again, I was always fascinated by Dorothy.  She had this voice that made me wonder when I was young what sin did she commit to have divine punishment to sound like a man?  Of course, Dorothy is the fiercest bitch in the house.  Dorothy was all about wit and no swish.


Do I feel old?  Sometimes, I do.  But I don’t like to be young again.  What for?  So you can grow old again?  Bitch, please.  I have far more important concerns than crow’s feet….Why worry over something nobody can stop?


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