Posted by: nastypen | June 4, 2008

Semi-Drunk Blogging

It’s just 4:41pm. Within 20 minutes, I downed 7 shots of brandy. I hope I’m not inebriated. Hey, do drunks call themselves “inebriated?” I gotta go and drink some more. Let’s see what happens at 6pm


My drinkmates are singing to me. I refused to drink any more. but since they sang to me with much gusto of my elementary graduation song: Diana Ross‘s “If we hold on together” prompted me to down a couple of whiskey shots.


(Enter an edited Imelda Papin song) “Kung maligaya kaaaa….si tite ng ibaaaaah” sang Tita Toni. She has three children. I love her even more.


“Do we have a big supot for this?” screeched one lady at the party. I am not yet drunk but that sent me to gigglesville.


I’m scanning the prints I made from rubbercut printing when somebody screams “I want ding-dong and boy bawang!”


Oh God….they’re singing Vilma Santos‘ kitsch classic “Sweet 16” (dey say day aym onli swit sixtin, neber bin tats, neber bin kisd) and Nora Aunor’sMaria Leonora Teresa!” I’m singing along while shaking in glee. I’m one of the youngest in this room. Jesus. Who says aging equals wisdom?


Someone is telling a story about drunk-dialling. One old guy was calling his girlfriend. He dialled a coworker’s number. The coworker answered. The old guy thought that his coworker was porking his girlfirend and a fight ensued. God bless alcohol and machismo.


I still can’t believe Hillary is not the democratic nominee. Apparently, experience does not count but likeability. I need another drink.


Someone is packing pig’s head next to me. Nobody is touching that part of the lechon. Suddenly, I want some ice cream…..


Everything is quietting down. I want to go home. But the EDSA traffic is a bitch. Uh-oh. they’re calling me to drink some more. I lost count on how many shots I’ve downed. At least my spelling is still ok?



  1. korak. panalo ka sa drunk blogging! Winner ka pa din sa spelling!!!

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