Posted by: nastypen | June 4, 2008

Just Because I Got Tired…..

….of a digital life. These are what I did for two months: rubber cut printing. My right thumb is sore from the engraving and carving. It’s a great feeling that I am not fettered to the computer. Nemcy saw how I hoarded all these rubber slabs from my favorite art store; it means I am serious about this. The colors I just added using colored markers. I like the analog side of art. And I’ve only just begun…..

Click HERE for more pictures…..



  1. Wow! That’s an amazing piece of art! I’m so proud of you!!! Kudos!!! I’d still like to commission a painting you know, and I’m serious about it!!!

  2. I think my favorite piece of fiesta. Although I know that several cultures in the world have this tradition that was passed on to them by those who colonized them, I think that it is something worth keeping in our culture. I know some people would smite me for saying this, saying that we could save more money, but at least once a year, we remember the saints. I know, I’m not into saints either, but still, I find their lives fascinating nonetheless….

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