Posted by: nastypen | May 22, 2008

For DVD Viewing Instead?

I watched the first screening of Indiana Jones.  Is it a good sign when somebody in the audience snored so loudly during most of the film? 

Did I enjoy it?  It was ok.  Typical Hollywood fare.  I enjoyed the cup of Dairy Queen Blizzard.


Why does George Lucas even bother?  Shouldn’t he just be happy rolling about in the cash he raked in all these years?  Thank goodness Steven Spielberg did not disappoint.


Cate Blanchett.  I love you.  You are the only reason I woke up early today.  That image of the fire ant between your knees will be indelible.


Hands down.  The best opening sequence in Indiana Jones filmography is Kate Capshaw singing Anything Goes in the Temple of Doom.


David Cook won American Idol.  I’m still hoping there was a massive mistake and that Elliot Yamin is the real winner for that season.


I didn’t watch the American Idol Finale.  I trusted my friends to text me their exultation of the win.  I watched The Tudors instead.  I can’t wait.  Only two more episodes left before the season ends.  English history in a soap opera format trumps talent shows in my sphere.


Harrison Ford is as old as my father.  My father died nine years ago.  Will there be an Indiana Jones 5: Adventures in the Afterlife?


Batman Now!  Batman Now!  Batman Now!  Batman Now! 



  1. You are hilarious! I skipped Idol, too, but watched the replay–and it was a bit like, uh, it’s Cook, what were you thinking! But apropos of IJ4–I’d rather wait for the porn version, which I am sure would be infinitely more interesting (as was the porn version of Pirates of the Caribbean). So there.

  2. Hello, I hope meron kang compilation ng fringebenefitscafe comix mo sa Phil. Star. We used to have Phil. Star everyday at work. Now I shifted jobs and we don’t have that paper everyday. I’m having withdrawal symptoms na.



  3. hello, noel, wala akong compilation, sorry, I don’t want to waste more paper kasi eheheheh. Don’t worry, I am working on a project that will upload my entire collection of comic strips IF I can find all the files. But thanks for the support.

  4. Hello, Okay na sa akin naka-PDF file. Pero I know you’re busy. So goodluck to that. I’m reduced to cutting your strips from old Phil. Stars that I got to hold. Newsies nowadays cost P18. That’s costly considering I only read the lifestyle and comics. But I should get a life somehow. hehe

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