Posted by: nastypen | May 20, 2008

Suddenly, Insomnia

Wow. I have not slept a wink. It has been quite a while since I was on full mode insomnia. There was a strong rain at 2am. It should have lulled me to sleep. Instead, I found myself finishing the downloaded first season of Mad Men. I finished reading a book. I revised my lesson plan. I arranged some materials for art. It’s now 6:21 am and I have driving lessons in less than two hours.

Perhaps today’s driving lesson is learning to drive with an exhausted mind? I don’t know. I normally detest coffee but it looks like I have to drink at least a cup of black. I have to attend MC’s party later. If I bail out on it, I wouldn’t be forgiven. I mean, I did not join them in their “Great Noisy Mimosa Adventure.”

So I guess I have to brave today with a throbbing headache (will take 5 capsules of mefenamic acid with me) and show up with puffy eyes and lethargic.

On a better note, I finished reading this:

I really like the author. I find him funny. But his latest work is hardly built on punchlines. A Wolf at the Table is a dark and horrible story about the author growing up with a homicidal father. I bought this recently because I couldn’t wait for the paperback edition.

Earlier last night, I did some prints on the rubber cuts I did for the past month. I sweat a lot and heaved and I am damn proud of my prints.

Ok, I begin to feel my world sway from exhaustion. Must “power up” with coffee.

After the party, I’m going home to sleep until tomorrow afternoon. I really hate losing sleep. I even canceled a meeting that could mean a sideline for me. Ah well, to me, a peaceful sleep is worth more than money.

Now if only the next door neighbor’s brats wake up temporarily mute for at least a week, I’d be happy. It’s 6:32 and the baby starts to scream and his big brother is clanking his toys. and my temples start to throb.

Jesus. There should be a neighborhood in Manila that bans children and I’d gladly work 5 jobs to live there…..

—UPDATE 6:05pm—

Driving lessons were awful. But I did not hit anyone and the car is still intact.

Slept in a cab going to Trinoma mall to meet up with MC, Mikee and Burn.

Celebrated MC’s 23rd birthday at Ruby Tuesdays. We didn’t finish the food. 23. Gahd. I AM the oldest in that group today. Ahahahaha. No matter. We had fun.

Burn had to leave for Congress.

MC, Mikee and I ate ice cream at FiveCows. The flavors were ok. The name of the place was weird. I don’t think “Want to eat Five Cows ice cream?” sounds palatable.

Mikee and MC went off for Rustan’s Makati. I left for home. Massive traffic in EDSA. Found out that MC went to Mikee’s home instead and watched DVDs there. My taxi driver was screeching like a monkey on how much he will lose in this traffic. He needs to be breastfed…by a mutant iguana. I got a splitting headache. Paid the driver in COINS and a 20-peso bill just to see if he will shriek louder. I got off Cubao instead and went around Gateway. Rode the MRT home. My eyelids are drooping. Goodnight.



  1. Good night! Had I known you were up and running, then I would have invited you for breakfast or something in the middle of the night as I’m on graveyard duty this week

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