Posted by: nastypen | May 3, 2008

Return to Innocence?

So I bought a pencil case. Not because I am having an age-defined crisis but because I needed one. Recently, I have been bleeding my savings for stuff that are taking me away from computer-dependency. I managed to find a stash of quill pens. So, I needed a pencil case. I wanted to splurge on a bad-ass pencil case. I thought perhaps in this day and age there will be more compartments, buttons to press. Instead I was snagged by glitters and fur.

But first a stroll down memory lane…..

I remember growing up that one of my favorite things to play with was my blue pencil case with a fighter jet photo. I know I know so butch, but I really wanted to be a pilot then. I love the several buttons that pencil case had. One press and out pops a ruler. Another press and a secret compartment compartment slides out.

I was also particularly fond of my tin pencil case with the Jim Davis‘ other comic strip character Orson. I love Orson more than Garfield. It was yellow and I used it on the sixth grade. It was a vision of irony: I’m listening to Nirvana‘s Smells Like Teen Spirit while I arrange my pencils inside the yellow pencil case.

High school snuffed the pencil case usage. I just had a pouch with pens. In the UP College of Fine Arts, I thought it was pretty funny to place my pencils and pens inside a Dunkin Donuts tin cylinder featuring one of the worst movies of all time Kazaam starring Shaquille O’Neal. No, I never saw the film. Even the classroom hipster Jordan thought it was ghastly. Apparently, I was the only one who saw it as an act of irony.

Then I grew tired of irony. So, I relished into pop culture brainwashing. My next pencil case was the perfume container of Versace Blue Jeans. And then I graduated and the computer stole my attention for years.

But now, I’m having gadget fatigue and pandering to my analog side lately.

So, the pencil case….

This particular pencil case was just on a bottom tier shelf in National Bookstore in Glorietta. The graphics caught my eyes and stated giggling on the glitters. Then, the devil is TRULY in the details.

First, I am particularly fond of bears. So this cute one in red background with cute cartoons are nearly a shoo-in for me.

Aawww…… I loved it even more when I read the wisdom of the pencil case:

And not only the wisdom, I noticed a row of bears doing this:

They’re shitting! I have never bought anything cute and with shit before so this is definitely a first. If one were to deduce this graphic….if life is so full of happiness that you had to shit it out does this mean happiness is shit? Brillo, baby!

Inside there is the panel that has the multiplication “table” and the saying with the cute shit graphic!

What is more potent than bullshit? BEAR SHIT!

I’m calling this “My Find of the Year.”



  1. since grade 3 until last year, I always have a pencil case,…yes the tin one… I don’t have one now, only because i couldn’t find a decent pencil case 🙂 kelangan ko yung lata talaga 😀

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