Posted by: nastypen | April 30, 2008

The Oasis of Salary Adjustment, Historical Diapers, British History is Sexy

I received text messages of congratulations. Friends informed me that the President today signed the University of the Philippines Charter. One of its “provisions,” if I may call it that, is salary standardization. So, UP professors and instructors will get a raise. Nobody knows the exact calculation for the raise. Nobody knows when it will take effect. I joked perhaps to celebrate the centennial of the university the raise will be a mirror image of 100 which is 001% and it shall be implemented just in time for the next centennial.


A coteacher bemoaned the charter with “We are turning into a commercialized institution. There will be tuition increases and land leases. Really a private (school) set-up.” So, I’m imagining a farcical situation that teachers will wear uniforms with strategically-placed corporate logos. And before I start my class, I shall say “This Humanities II class is brought to you by Sunsilk because Life Can’t Wait.”


Whatever the changes this UP charter will bring, I am more concerned with my syllabus. I have a new stash of films to show! I saw an old dorm mate, who also loves films, in the lair of pirates and he saw what I’m getting. I told him that I might show some of these films to my class. His eyes widened with fear. “Are the students ready for these films?” You know what, it got me thinking. Perhaps I should tone down my film selection. People say that this particular campus is more conservative than the rest of the UP system. So, what will I show them? The Sound of Music, anyone?


I finished my third linocut print in a week! I feel like I am on a roll in terms of art production. I bled my savings for art materials. With my medical expenses incurred recently, I am on the poverty line. Well, thank goodness for small mercies. Now that I’m bald, I don’t spend much on shampoo.


I saw on the local news that there was a re-enactment of the Battle of Mactan between Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan. The Mactan chieftain was portrayed by the boxer Manny Pacquiao. The explorer was portrayed by the actor Dennis Trillo. It was…interesting. The costumes remind me of horrid school plays. Pacquiao was wearing something that looks like shimmering bright blue diapers.


A friend who has a major crush on Dennis Trillo texted me that if the invaders looked like that, she would have willingly given herself to be ravaged. I told her that that makes a great cheesy B-movie historical fiction film entitled “Tuwad sa Tabing-Dagat.” (Bend over by the Beach).


I heard from my friends at the UP flagship campus of Diliman that they have shifted their schedules. Normally, a UP schedule of classes are Mondays/Thursdays and Tuesdays/Fridays. Wednesdays usually don’t have classes. Well, because of the holiday economics shoved by the president, a lot of Monday classes had to be called off recently. Hence, in UP Diliman, starting the incoming semester the schedule of classes shall be Tuesdays/Thursdays and Wednesdays/Fridays. Mondays are off days in Diliman. No, the UP Manila campus did not follow suit.


I’m watching the second season of my current favorite soap opera The Tudors. Sure, they maligned some historical fact. Sure, it has shrill tendencies. But all is forgiven for two reasons:


OH Lordy Lordy Lordy…..thank God I am a fan of history AND creative speculation ergo I’m not that affected by the inaccuracies. It’s a pity they don’t show this series here in the Philippines. Oh well, they think perhaps British history is boring. Maybe….until Henry Cavill shows his ass in a scene……


I saw the Altar Boyz with MC and Mikee recently. It was ok. Just ok. Not a fan. The highlight of the musical for me was when they started to project pictures onstage. Before the musical started, this girl asked us to take our pics. I thought none of it and smiled. Then there we were. On the five panels onstage, it took two panels to fill my face and torso, Mikee had the lower quadrants on the other two and MC was smacked in the middle with the Altar Boyz gesticulating to our faces. Those two seconds of projection marks my first appearance in a musical ever. And hopefully, my last.


On a related religious note, since Powerbooks had this massive sale, I bought myself a copy of “Ancient and Modern Saints.” I like the tidbits and the paintings. Friends know that I do not really subscribe to organized religion nor do I really like priests or theocratic figures. But I love the saints. When I saw the book marked 50% off, I had to buy it. Now, is there a patron saint for avoidance of impulsive buying?



  1. “Tuwad sa Tabing-Dagat.”
    hahahahaha! the next indie sensation!

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