Posted by: nastypen | April 23, 2008

Global Warming Forced Me To Be Bald

Unfortunately, it would seem that I find myself walking under the intense summer glare these days. I should just lock myself in my room. But no. I have some obligations that jettison my fat ass out of the room and into the suffocating embrace of global warming-laced summer days. So, I decided to go to Bruno’s Barbershop and have them take it all off.

Well, almost all…..

It’s crazy that I had a couple of clean shave sessions in less than a year, whereas I have not gone voluntarily bald just in time for the summer. I went to Bruno’s Barbershop in Power Plant at about 30 minutes before closing time. Lo and behold there was a waiting list for the clients! I was number 6 out of 9 men who are waiting for their turn! Apparently it must be the time of the year when the male of the species must molt or die.

I realized that it has been more than a year since I last sported a truly round head. I told the barber my “usual” which is “Semi-kal…number two.” Perhaps the barber wanted another hairstyle for me because he seemed mystified that I still have a considerable full head of hair and there I was asking him to turn me into the michelin man.

So in a few minutes I turn into this vision of……

….whatever……Addie said all of us in this pic had “expressive eyes.”

I guess I will fare better walking around Makati in the heat. And what heat it is! I imagine people getting sick because of the high temperature, yet they go into their offices, stores, malls and it’s almost always arctic cold. I was practically shivering as I queued in McDonald’s. then when I finished attacking my food, I go out and my glasses immediately fogged up from the wall of humidity.

Ugh. and they say that the temperature will get worse.

Whoopeedoo…..must buy more sun block. My sister laughed at me as I doused myself with layers of sun block and to think I’ll just walk for five minutes to the MRT station. The sun is that brutal these days. If the earth gets any hotter, I might leave the country for colder climes. What a reason to be an OFW eh? “The weather made me do it!”

Hahaha. I wonder if the Inuit territories of Canada need a graphic designer……



  1. o my…
    same situation here 😀

  2. Uh, Canada is literally experiencing several blizzards. They’re suppose to be into Spring by now, but they are still covered in snow, wind and hard rain in most areas of Canada. Just had a conference call with our Canada office, and all of them were sneezing and down with the colds due to extreme subzero temperature! I don’t like the summer heat either! But I’ll have tropical weather anytime more than snow and winter……

  3. the north wind, you don’t like Canadian winters because your Canadian counterparts were “sneezing and down with the colds?” Last time I checked, we can sneeze and get colds here in the Philippines as well…..

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