Posted by: nastypen | April 16, 2008

Sashaying Is For The Catwalk

As a regular faculty member of the university, we are required to attend the graduation.  I have no problem with that.  Filipiniana should be the attire.  I have no problem with that.  We were asked for our sizes for the togas.  I have a problem with that.  If I give them my size, they might have a hard time looking for a black tent. 

Besides, a toga?  It’s so colonial!  Not to mention hot!  So, I was somewhat appeased that some professors are going to wear the University of the Philippines sablay.  It’s a sash with the traditional alibata alphabet of the University’s intials.  Since, I am a graduate of the Diliman campus, I am entitled to wear the sablay.  I heard not all campuses have adapted this concept.

Oh well.  I was so confident that my old sablay from the College of Fine Arts is in my closet.  Of course, when I rummaged through the piles, it is nowhere to be seen.  Panic set in.  My colleague Mikee said that I could use his sablay.  Although his is small.  So, if I wear that, it won’t be a sash anymore but a tube top.

So, I thought might as well invest in a new sablay.  After all, I will attend future graduation ceremonies as well.  And this sablay is also forcing me to finish my MA. 

So, I go to UP Diliman.  A friend told me that there are still a lot of sablays available.  when I went to the distribution office near Bahay ng Alumni, I was told there were only THREE large sablays left and no more.  I looked around the crowd and they were mostly petite females who need a small to medium sablay.  I was confident.

I signed my name.  Just then, I turned around and at least four hefty and tall guys went in the room.  Of course, they were looking for the large sablay.  There were just three.  I thought I had it in the bag. 

I was about to pay when they said, “You don’t pay here.  You pay at the Philippine National Bank near the shopping center.”  It wasn’t that far.  It was about a ten-minute walk.  BUT….I had to walk during the harshest afternoon sun.  If I take the jeep, the route will just take longer so I had to hoof it.  I briskwalked because I know the guys will be getting the sablay. 

I didn’t have a car, some of the hefty guys did.

So, when I finally reached the bank all red and sweaty, there was a queue and as luck would have it, the computer system is OFF-LINE, ergo it may be hard for the distributors to check if the deposit was made.  I was about to give up when I thought, I walked all the way here, might as well buy the damn thing. 

I heard that UP Diliman graduation is on the 22nd.  UP Manila is this Friday.  So, there is NO excuse that I will not get that sablay today.  The bank offered a solution on the off-line situation.  they gave me a receipt.

One of the hefty guys got ahead of me at the bank.  He smirked at me.  I was just nonchalant about this.  I do not want to get into a petty man-fight for the fastest.

But I just HAD to get the sablay.  Too bad, the guy didn’t fill up the necessary forms correctly.  That meant I paid at the same time as him.  He jogged out.

I sashayed out of the bank and thought, this is not the catwalk!!!


So, he went to his car and I ran waving to an Ikot jeep to stop and hopped in.  the jeep shook as if it was caught in an earthquake.  Thank goodness for the Ikot jeep’s speed plus the narrow road, the car trailed behind.  I thought I can buy time because he has to park.

so when we approached the destination I screamed to stop.  the jeep did not even fully stop when I hit the ground running.  I sprinted from the jeep al the way into the room.  there was a small crowd but I barged into the room.  I saw the horrified look of the people in the jeep.

The crowd saw a grimacing fat man running their way and they made way.  That’s the secret fourth Newton law of Motion.  

The large sablay was ironed and stuffed inside a plastic bag.  I panted in all caps “AKIN. YAN. …..PO.”  (THAT’S.  MINE.  PO….”po” being an addendum for respect in Tagalog.)

Apparently, I got the last one.

So that concludes my quota of exercise for the year 2008.

This Friday, I will sashay in my hard-earned Sablay.



  1. i can totally relate in this amazing sablay race…the fight for the right size. i just could not figure it out why are they insisting all people are stick-thin

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