Posted by: nastypen | April 13, 2008

I Still Feel Sleepy

It’s 3:16 pm and I am typing this. I just slept for more than 12 hours. I woke up earlier for 30 minutes to drink my meds and email and text. I got my night mask and slept. Hell, I even slept through the neighbor’s Sunday karaoke fest. That is how tired I was.


Wow. I must have slept in the range of 13 to 14 hours. I don’t feel re-energized. In fact I want to sleep some more. Perhaps, this is my body’s way of catching up with the battery of stress and abuse I brought it.


Ladies and gentleman, this is how I looked for more than 12 hours. It could practically be for National Geographic about a new species of bear hibernating:


Ziggy sent me some days ago, the pics of the textile and the design. Here’s a sneak peak of the components that shall make my barong:


Den is here to install the new aircon in my sister’s room. I walked in looking every bit of an obese zombie. He said I should eat something solid already. It’s been quite a while. I thought I don’t want to eat, I want to fall face down into my sister’s bed and sleep some more.


I thought of one of the very few things I cherished from high school biology. I still remember Trypanosoma gambinese. It’s the African Sleeping Disease. It’s perhaps the same disease I get everytime it was Religion class back in high school.


Now what can perk me up? Well, it’s my latest addiction: THE FAIL BLOG! I love this blog so much. It’s a collection of photos sent from all over the world of situations that are a blatant exercise in futility. Here’s an example of what they deem as failure:



I fixed my canvas and art materials and I was ready to paint…until I fell asleep. That’s the story of my relationship with art.


Shall I venture out of my cave tomorrow? I don’t know. Summer hibernation sounds so relaxing and fun.


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