Posted by: nastypen | April 12, 2008

I Will Kill For a Burger

What did I do the entire Friday? I slept most of it away. Must have been the cocktailesque mixture of medicine that zonked me out. I even slept through the harsh 4pm sun’s rays shafting my face. It has been more than 24 hours since I last ate solid food and I am barking crazy for a juicy carnivorous meal.

I am pacing around my room thinking of going out at 12:19 midnight to one of those 24-hour restaurants. Ack. But I can’t. I just can’t. I have to ingest cold liquids for the next 4 days or so. I never thought I’d say this but I want to toss the ice cream cans out of the window! Right now, I am shaking in glee on the prospect of that day when I can bury my face into a glorious bowl of Hap Chang Yang Chow Fried Rice.

It didn’t help that when I turned on the tv, i saw a cook show and the way the food was tossed into the pan and the sizzling made it almost erotic. I turned it off and read some old volumes of Art History books and there they were paintings of food and feasts.

I was so desperate I even rummaged through my sister’s hopelessly bland law books and leafed through the pages looking for respite. The words did not connect and the jargon just jilted my mind out back to a soft-lit plate of steamed shrimp dumplings. Their shapes are like lips I want to smother with kisses. The plump redness of the shrimps make me want to cry out loud. then I thought of sun-dried tomato pasta with a side of fish.

All I could see is food. Food. FOOD!!!!

I am fully awake now. I can’t drink my medicine outside the prescribed time. I don’t want to overdose.

But this is withdrawal I am feeling. i am not talking to anyone because I might snap at them.

I snapped at this person who texted me about the rice shortage , how he didn’t believe it to be true. I thought of the people’s hunger and thought of mine. I was immensely irritated that there are people in worse situations that I am in and here I am like a petty whining bitch that can’t eat meat because of a stupid gash inside his mouth. I snapped at him.

I was more angry at myself to be so easily irritated whereas people waited for two measly packs of rice since 1 in the morning. It really got to me that he said the rice shortage isn’t true. Whatever. It does not matter to me what he thinks is true or not….those lines of tired hungry people are real.

Ok. Ok. I’m just breaking into pieces here over a vision that popped into my computer monitor of food photography I took months ago and I really wanted to lick the monitor.

I texted weakly that by the time I can eat solid food, the food crisis would have exploded. The news that blared scream of higher prices for pan de sal, seafood, even vegetables are going to cost more. I thought I should just not watch the news and instead watch DVDs.

What have I lined up? Wong Kar Wai‘s My Blueberry Nights. BLUEBERRY!!! As in blueberry cheescake!?!??! Not a good idea.

I should paint but I am weak from the pain, recuperation and hunger. Then I remembered that Frida Kahlo painted while she was recuperating from a road accident in which one of her many major wounds was a pipe piercing through her back and out to her pudenda. Yet, she painted.

So, I was just assembling my art materials when another friend invited me to go to Hooters.  I am not one to particularly ogle at big-bosomed waitresses nor about their world-famous Buffalo wings.  I imagined their legendary grilled cheese platter and their fish sandwich.

I wanted to scream.

I don’t care about art right now. I just want a garlic cheeseburger from Brothers Burger.

I could just weep. I sound like a drug addict in rehab.  I just went out to drown my hunger with almost a liter of cranberry juice.  This sensory deprivation of taste and chewing is making me crazy.



  1. I was thinking of bringing you soup, but then I don’t know if you’d actually welcome the idea. Anyway, did your dentist give you a diet plan when you can start eating solid food? You need one. Otherwise, your body will be in a state of shock and shit again if you don’t have one and in extreme cases go into what they call a diet coma.

  2. “Otherwise, your body will be in a state of shock and shit again if you don’t have one and in extreme cases go into what they call a diet coma.”

    I think irregardless of this “diet plan,” my body will eventually “shit again.”

    “Diet coma” is not the thing I’m worried about if that exists at all in my case. I’m more worried by the prospect of excessive bleeding.

    But thanks for the concern.

  3. Hi there,

    just came across browsing at your blog… hahah..
    i find it very interesting!
    You are a cute chubby boy indeed, and very talented too, cos you draw comic!!!! heheh…

    Just drop by to say hi, if you keen to be friend with me, write an email to me.
    I’m chinese from singapore.
    no harm making more friends, especailly a friend from Philippines!!!

    Oh ya, feel sorry about your tooth, hope you will get better soon. :o)


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