Posted by: nastypen | April 9, 2008

Back Spasms, Barong and Othery Bitcheries

I have officially ended the second semester. I submitted the grades and for the first time ever, it pained me to fail someone. But then again, that person deserves it. If it were up to my co-teacher Joey, he’d have that person expunged from the University.


I just found out that I was given the teaching load of a professor that recently passed. If that is true, I’ll be teaching 18 units next semester. Good-bye, comatose social life.


I was recently attacked by severe back pains. So painful. Perhaps this is how it feels to be stabbed. My doctor said I have U.T.I. worsened by back spasms. He took one good look at my belly and said “lose weight.” And he took one look at the bag I carry and said, “You carry all that everyday?” I told him the bag is even light because there are no students’ papers and no books there. The doctor almost bitchslapped me.


I watched two movies today. The Other Boleyn Girl and Nim’s Island. Both are terrible films. I watched them for two reasons: Eric Bana (as Henry VIII) and Gerard Butler (as Nim’s gruff daddy).


i think Natalie Portman is pretty. She’s sexy because she’s smart. But Lord Almighty, seeing her in that 14th Century bodice made me think I have bigger boobs than her.


I hated The Other Boleyn Girl. They turned one of the most important turning points in English history into a shrill sibling-rivalry soap opera. I thought the TV series The Tudors did an infinitely better job than this waste of budget. Although the costumes were exquisite, over-all that movie is a disservice to history buffs everywhere. I’m glad my dad is dead and he won’t be able to see this. He’d be spitting mad. I was just comforting myself with the thought of Eric Bana’s hairy chin and kind eyes.


I saw Ziggy tonight. He is to design my barong for the U.P. Centennial Graduation. I thought of him because he is the best designer of men’s wear I know, seriously. I saw his designs from my former job and thought of them as exquisite, clean but not boring. He showed me his design and I was chanting “I love it! I love it!”


I told him “I don’t want the typical barong. If I wanted typical I’d go to *shudder* Arthur’s.” Ok, I had my graduation barong back in the bronze age of 1999 done at Arthur’s because Ziggy was probably in kindergarten then.


Hey, I think I was cute in that Arthur’s barong despite those black buttons with gold rims back in the day. But let’s face it, Arthur’s is the choice of straight men who are into safe (read:boring) look. I am neither straight nor safe.


Ok, let me get this straight, it’s still a barong and not this. If some people will raise their eyebrows on the unconventional barong (I am sure there are people who would settle for those white see-through creations), I am going to argue that I wanted a look capturing the fashion plates of the pioneering Filipino painter of the early 19th Century Damian Domingo with the rough-hewn total deconstruction/ejection of the diapahanous formality. Don’t argue with an Art History major, bitch.


Yes, this barong is a big deal because this IS the UP Centennial graduation, my very first graduation as member of the faculty and, my very first UNIVERSITY graduation. I didn’t attend mine. It was my first day of work.


All this brouhaha over a barong…what if I am forced to wear a dreadfully hot toga? Oh well perhaps I can march down the aisles doing this….????


At least I am excited over something because tomorrow I will have an impacted tooth extracted. I hate wisdom teeth. If only they give me wisdom instead of migraines….last time I had this sort of surgery was ten years ago in which I was rushed to the infirmary because I bled so much.  Joy.  This new dentist is great, my sister says.  I am at least assured that I will not bleed to death and still wear that barong to the graduation rites.


I was told not to do strenuous activities after my surgery for a week.  Yey!  A reason to bum around!



  1. Hi Chong. Long time eh…
    Have been looking for ways on how to contact you.
    All i have is your #+63928……6
    great updated blogs…
    I still have to work on mine this summer.
    meanwhile, I need the help of your friend (mac expert).
    Hope I can get your email soon so I can send you my little request that has nothing to do with the blogs. hahahaha!

  2. hi sir chong! na miss ko ‘tong blog mo. by the way, graduating na ko! yey! kita kits po sa grad 😉

  3. ole chong, na -excite naman ako on your next post about the barong 🙂

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