Posted by: nastypen | April 2, 2008

Well, I DO Love his Films!

Your Score: Alfred Hitchcock

Your film will be 48% romantic, 43% comedy, 47% complex plot, and a $ 46 million budget.

One of the best film directors EVER to exist. Your life must be something special if we’re going to dig up Hitch to direct the film version. His films are studies of masterful technique and visual storytelling. He also has six distinct signatures he puts in each of his films, one of them being his fleeting cameo walk-by appearance. I think another one is that the leading man is always wrongly persecuted for something he didn’t do, and the leading lady is usually a blonde. He made many more films than just The Birds and Psycho. PLEASE go rent, buy, or view North By Northwest or Vertigo!

Link: The Director Who Films Your Life Test


I love this film director. I was so fortunate to have bought his biography at a sale bin! And I have his major works on DVD. I really admire him because he was reportedly affable and yet he has filmed cinema history’s greatest grotesque works.

One of my most favorite films of his is Rear View Window. It’s about a photographer in a wheelchair who had nothing better to do but to snoop on his neighbors until he saw something scary. That is so my life story. Hahahahahah.

And I see this at the tail-end of the internet quiz….

What does this mean? I scored high on all? Does this mean I live my life to the fullest??? I expect nothing less, bitches.

I want my biopic to be very Hitchcock in mood yet there MUST be lavish musical numbers akin to the Bollywood insanity level.

I just wonder what the title of my biopic will be? Death by Waistline?


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